Monday, September 19, 2016

BABY, BABY! {Board Book Giveaway & Review!}

About Baby Baby!
Babies enjoy books, looking at other babies, and their own flowering abilities. This short rhyming poem combines all three in a sweet and happy way, while introducing babies to God's love for them. The simple words are paired with colorful images of babies engaging in familiar activities, allowing the book to be used as an introductory concept book as well. And it ends with a reminder that Baby is always loved by God.

Our Thoughts! :)
First of all-  if you didn't know, our family is a book family. Our kids check out about 50 library books every week, but I personally love to purchase books. Owning our own book = no library fees!  :D

There are so many board books out there but very few that talk about God! Which is why I love BABY BABY! Adorable book!

I was hoping to give BABY, BABY! as a gift to one of my Doula clients.... Not going to happen. Priscilla my two year old has claimed it as her own. Hadassah (6 yrs) even wrote our name on the back page! (The last page is for the purpose of your precious Baby's name). You can tell by the picture Priscilla loves "her book".

This book of course is sturdy and would be perfect for a baby shower or a gift to your own little one! Made to last and to enjoy!

So blessed to own this book. You can purchase your here on Amazon!

Please just comment below if you'd like to win a copy! 
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Winner will be chosen in one week on Monday Sept 26th.

Enjoy your babies!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How We Make it Work: "7 Kids 2 Bedrooms" (9 people, 1100 sqft home)

Few quick notes before you watch this short video:

  • My children are not deprived. 
  • Each have their own bunk areas and desk areas. 
  • Some evenings they watch movies out in Dad's office.
  • They appreciate a quiet house when they can get it.
  • They learn to deal with toddlers fighting and making messes. Grace and Love.
  • They learn they are each unique and care for their own areas differently.
  • I do ask that their beds be made every day, but they "make" them their own way.
  • My older kids 10 and up are responsible for handing over bedding to me when it needs washed.

If you are interested in how we organize the clothes- again. LESS is MORE.
We get rid of clothes when they are stained and holed, but wait till they are before we purchase new clothes "for fun".
My oldest daughter is learning how to only buy what she needs and is doing quiet well.
I wash laundry every day. Minus a day or two if I need a break, but I pay for it ;)

I did not video my children closet but here is a quick picture of the girls closet:

Living with less,

Thursday, July 28, 2016

How We Make it Work: The Laundry "room" (9 people, 1100 sqft home)

No video this time just before and after pictures!!! yay!

I did this on a whim the other day because I KNEW my laundry closet needed some TLC.

So, I hate this area. Hate is a strong word, but when you are managing clothes for nine people with a cat litter box, water, and food behind you- it sucks.

I step on litter.. spill water...ect. Not to mention the vacuum cleaner, laundry baskets and mop.
Plus a make shift curtain to hide it all. Yuck.

A snap shot from a video I took awhile back for our going-to-be-nanny.
Blurry, but you get the point. This is a clean nice moment.

It was time for a change. I got rid of this "catch all" shelf. 
I knew I could throw enough stuff away to fit it into all my laundry closet. 
This was ALL behind the curtain!! (I am good at hiding stuff) ;)

We've had a little extra money so the other day I bought:
  • oops paint from Lowes. loved the color
  • a new litter box with a lid
  • a trash bin to hold the cat food

The result of purging enough to fit it ALL in my laundry closet: TA DA!!!
 I really do believe LESS is BETTER. We hold on to way to much junk.

I hope to get a cute laundry sign from Hobby Lobby to "decorate".

Ready for the laundry closet?? lol.
(washer and dryer not shown)
This is CLEAN to me. Not pinterest pretty but stuffed and usable!
I can close the doors and be done. 
Even put my vacuum cleaning on top of my dryer if need be!

I know someday Sean and I may travel in a tiny house!
Keep purging,

You can also click on the label "Large Family Small House" for other videos.

Friday, July 15, 2016

How We Make it Work: The Kitchen (9 people, 1100 sqft home)

Again this project of mine is simple, just showing you all how to make do in such a small home. This video is shorter than the last. Everyone seems amazed that we can even function in such a small space. It has become our normal. :D  

Less is better. I don't have every kitchen gadget or utensil. Pretty much every thing I own I use until it breaks or is no longer "usable". 

Since I made this video below, I have cleaned up some cupboards and counters. Yay! for organizing! 
(My before and after pictures are below.) The pictures motivate me to do more. It really takes so little time. I just have to make the time.

You can also click on the label "Large Family Small House" for our living room video too.

How the counters look now vs The Video

Beside my Stove (Hated this area)

much better. moved the cook books above the microwave. used a simple nail
to hang my oven mitts.

Above the Microwave
cake stuff: sprinkles/ decorations, wine glasses, 
cooks books now fit, all cake stuff in a simple ice cream bucket ;)

Pressing forward in my journey of motherhood!

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Life We Never Expected by Andrew & Rachel Wilson {Book Review & GIVEAWAY!}

My Review/ Thoughts: 
First of all, props to a husband and wife team in writing a book about unexpected family life!

I loved the different perspectives and unique honesty from the them both. It was NOT written specifically for mothers or fathers, but both.

If you know of anyone struggling with the reality of Autism in their family - it is a must read.   The Wilsons have shared honest reflections about how their family spiritually embraces having not one, but two Autistic children.

Too,  this book is not for ONLY for parents with special needs, it is for anyone facing change, hardship or circumstances which life as "unexpectedly" brought them.

If you told me 10 years ago I would be living in North Carolina (after 20+ moves) with seven children (in a small home). I would have been in shock. Not to mention the stress, discipline and exhaustion it includes. Yet, I am truly encouraged by the Wilsons that they too have received oranges from life, when everyone else it "seems" to have yummy chocolate oranges.

On a practical note, The Life We Never Expected was an easy read that could accompany your bible time. I even picked it up a few times in the morning by itself. I was blessed and drawn to Jesus!

The Life we Never Expected:
What do you do when hard or painful circumstances turn your world upside down, resulting in a life you never expected? Andrew and Rachel Wilson grappled with this question after both of their children were diagnosed with regressive autism. Refreshingly honest, his book explores the highs and lows of raising children with specials needs, reflecting on the broader question of how to cope with suffering of all kinds. Sharing personal stories from their lives and encouragement rooted in the truth of God’s Word, Andrew and Rachel highlight lessons they’ve learned related to fighting for joy and thriving in the midst of trials—ultimately pointing readers to Christ, the One who promises to make all things new.

Purchase yours here on Amazon or WIN a copy below. Please spread the word. This book should not be looked over! Enter and Tweet!

In Him,

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Un-Ashamed by Heather Davis Nelson {Book Review & Giveaway!}

About the book Unashamed: Healing Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame offers hope to those struggling under the burden of shame. This book shines the life-giving light of the gospel on the things that leave us feeling worthless and rejected, directing our attention to the God who promises to forgive and restore us—no matter what.

Have I been broken? Many times over again. I believe it is how we see growth in our character as Christians. 

Personally, I wouldn't think of myself struggling with "shame".  I see Jesus through the cross healing me completely. I even passed on doing this review until a week later. I realized after I was frustrated by a current sin, maybe it would be good book for me to read. It was. 

Shame comes in many forms in our life and the enemy uses it to his advantage. You will be surprised how often you let it ruin your focus and God given purpose in life.

Heather does not present this topic unstudied. She obviously has put her full heart into writing this book. I love that is not full of fluff. I say that nicely, if I can. I have a hard time with writers who are afraid they may offend their readers or want to connect in a mushy way. Heather spells it out scripturally with each chapter and draws her readers to Jesus. I can honestly say it has helped me grow in my walk with Christ.

These are just a few of the topics mentioned in her book.

Take a quick moment to ponder how shame or condemnation rule in your life through:
  • Social Shame
  • Your Body
  • Performance
  • Your Marriage
  • Parenting
Oh, how we should not be ignorant of the enemy's devices! Read this book. Keep it by your bed. Pick it up often and let God heal and speak to you. 

You can purchase it on Amazon here.
OR win a copy next week, just by entering my giveaway below! Ends 7.8.16 !!

Keep fighting the good fight,

About the author:
Heather Davis Nelson (MA, Westminster Theological Seminary) is a writer, counselor, and speaker. Heather writes regularly at and has been a featured writer at the Gospel Coalition, as well as a contributing author to the Journal of Biblical Counseling. She and her husband are parents to twin daughters and live in southeastern Virginia.

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"Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway.  If you have won a prize from our sponsor Propeller / FlyBy Promotions in the last 30 days, you are not eligible to win.  Or if you have won the same prize on another blog, you are not eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.”

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How We Make it Work: Living Room (9 people, 1100 sqft home)

This is the beginning of a fun little project for me.

For the past few months imagine your brain thinking your entire home was going to be on national television. Not only your home, but your thoughts on the bible, your faith, marriage, vaccinations, homeschooling.. ect.  Pretty consuming. A BIG surrender in my book. It took letting go and embracing who WE ARE as a family.  Taking to cameras became "old news" and I thought about Vlogging, but who wants to spend mucho money on a new camera? ;) I just made do with my android phone and photo booth.

Lo, and behold... in a Facebook Group my friend started called, "Creative Living with Less" a post came up about organizing. By sharing our ideas we can encourage one another- shame and guilt free. I am not much of an organizer because its hard with all the constant mess we have to clean, but there is always room for improvement!

I made this video in hopes to encourage others and let others see how we really live.
We don't try to keep up with the Jones' or Joanna Gaine! (Although I still wouldn't mind a home makeover.) We desire not to consume too much stuff and be debt free soon.

Note: our toy chest is also used as a bench for extra seating during our bible study or when friends are over. I apologize for my horrible editing and sound change. :/ lol :D

To get a quick understanding of our "floor plan" if you'd like...

My next video will probably be the kitchen.

Peace and love.

A copied Q &A from Facebook: 
 So this was a question a gal asked me in the group. Here is the copy and paste for more info:

"You do a great job of utilizing space! Just wondering.. I noticed you said that you keep all the toys in the living room. Is that only little kid toys, or really, all toys? 

We don't have many toys for our kids either, but as my kids are getting older (oldest is 10), I'm finding that there are so many different varieties of toys now (not lots of any kind, just lots of kinds, if that makes sense), and I'm having trouble deciding how to store them in our small space. In a system with little kids? Separate into their own bedrooms? Right now I have bags/purses hanging under a low shelf. Each bag holds a different type of toy. But I don't have enough space for all the varieties! 😊 "
Like · Reply · 9 hrs

JuRita Buckout:
Good point. We do have one of those red/blue/yellow plastic dresser bins in the boys closet (i forgot to mention) it holds mostly legos. the big kids keep many of their personal items on their desk. I will show those real quick in another video. but for the most part yes, the toys are in those four drawers. do have some gears and board games in the laundry closet. too, many of our outside toys: guns, sticks, bikes, frisbees, bats, mitts, ect are outside in the shed or at some random place in the yard. my toddlers keep stuffed animals on their beds. 
when we did have a playroom (three moves ago!) we had a TON more stuff and i organized it into bins high on shelves. If kids wanted a new type of toy they had to ask, thus I could make sure they picked up what they were playing with. BUT really kids don't need a ton. Janet Hardwick taught us the idea of keeping a tote in the attic and trading toys every six months or so. It was like christmas.We don't do this anymore, but that works well for de cluttering. Ask them what their top 3 favorites type of toys are and you may be surprised. We did this one time and it was not what we thought! Hope this helps! 


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