Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus {DVD Review and Giveaway!}

This a great family movie! My children (all above the age of 9) really enjoyed it. It is quite lengthy, so we watched it over a course of 3 nights.

I was very surprised at the Filmmakers discoveries, they definitely left me pondering the historical timeline of the Bible. -but NOT questioning my faith-.

I also appreciated the time and traveling he took to make a film. Many Christians would never be able to explore, see, and experience what he brings to the film.  He also did not limit his interviews to those whom agreed with the history of the Bible. I was impressed he even had the Prime Minister of Israel! 

You really need to watch the short trailer and see what you think. OR even enter to win a FREE copy for your home collection. Enter the Rafflecopter below :) Spread the word! It will end in ONE WEEK.

About Patterns of Evidence Exodus: For more than 50 years, the vast majority of the world's most prominent archaeologists and historians have proclaimed that there is no hard evidence to support the Exodus story found in the Bible. In fact, they say that the archaeological record is completely opposed to the Bible's account. This view of extreme skepticism has spread from academia to the world. The case against the Exodus appears to be so strong that even some religious leaders are labeling this ancient account as historical fiction. Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney begins with the questions, "Is the Bible just a myth, or did the archaeologists get it wrong?" He decides to tackle this issue wit a deliberate scientific approach. After examining the details in the biblical text, he journeys across the globe to search for patterns of evidence firsthand. The result is the most in-depth archaeological investigation into the Exodus from Egypt ever captured on film. This scientific documentary's goal is to communicate the TRUTH of the Bible and help equip believers with defending their faith and the Bible.

The DVD features stunning animations and a cast including narrator, Kevin Sorbo (God's Not Dead, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys), interviews archaeologists including Israel Finkelstein, Kent Weeks, and David Rohl, and guest appearances by Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres.

You can watch the trailer below and visit their website and social media for more information!

Releases on DVD August 4, 2015 
Run Time:  119 minutes
Special Features:
  •       Cast Profiles & 17 Extra Interviews
  •       Behind the Music
  •       From Film to Book
  •       Additional Books and Resources
  •       Host a Patterns of Evidence Movie Event
  •       Trailers 
Genre:  Documentary 
Rating:  NR 


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Friday, July 17, 2015

19 Facts About Our "Homeschool"

Radom thoughts, but you might find this interesting. Being real and honest here friends:

1.  Our homeschool day NEVER looks the same. There is yes, a general form and direction (what people are suppose to be doing) but there is always a train wreck somewhere.

2.  The head teacher (myself) usually is in workout clothes or pajamas till noon, but my students are not allowed (lol!?)

Being big sisters.
3.  My house is messy, but around 11am we get some chores done and it is manageable.

4.  We school year round. The beginning of our school year is the first week of July. The end is the first week of May.

5.  We read the bible together every morning and it never fails the "Littles" (are youngest three) are playing, screaming, or Priscilla is poopie. I am trying.. and getting better at keeping them on a structured morning routine!

6.  Wake up "goal" 7:30am...sometimes it is as late as 8:30am. Saturday we sleep in. Sunday we go to church.

sure Lydia you can make lunch!
7.  My oldest two practically school themselves, even correct their own school work. They have learned what self driven mean. Chore effort on the other hand comes and goes.

8.  Math curriculum is the only curriculum I buy. Math-U-See, Mr. Steve Demme- thank you for being an awesome math teacher!

9.  We utilize the library (they know us well!). Sean assigns reading. I usually skip these evening trips and stay home in a quiet house... ahhhhh.

10.  I print most worksheets from pdf files online. You would be amazed what is out there for free! I want to blog about it someday.

"bird watching" with tree books
11.  I don't look at homeschool catalogs. They make me feel guilty and poor.

12.  I don't know "how I do it" either. I have no explanation other than the grace of God. I often want to quit and put my kids in school. Sean and I also work 2 extra nights a week till almost 11pm.. to keep our family running it takes endurance and hard work.

13.  I test yearly. It is the law in North Carolina, but I test when I have the money. $40 per test- yikes! I thought about putting kids in public school just for the end, so i didn't have to pay the money. As of right now I have tests for two kids. Hoping to afford two more next month.

14.  I hardly (pretty much never) go on field trips. Maybe the free Homeschool day at the aquarium.

15.  I get report cards notarized at the bank every quarter. This is documented so our kids can be on the Chickasaw Nation Honor Roll. They get a small sum of Walmart gift cards for good grades and attendance.

16.  I let my girls bake/cook anytime they want, with the condition they help clean their mess.

17.  The television does not go on during morning hours otherwise I will lose everyone's focus. This can be hard, but we manage.

Priscilla helping daddy build

18.  I always want to do more with my kids, especially the Littles.

19. I the end of the day I am thankful, but the struggles are real.

By the grace of God, I can do all through Him who gives me strength!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

"Buckout Films Production"

Lydia has been entertaining the little ones (and us) by "making them movies".

They love their big sister time!! I of course, will treasure these videos forever.

So stinkin' cute.
Kids Sharing

Where's My Ball?

Cleaning Time


Pool Party

Piggie's Picnic

Thursday, June 25, 2015

March 2009- A blog Archive of My Husbands ;)

Found this story from Sean's old blog and had to share it!
It is from six years ago

2009.. oh man. so tiny. love them to pieces.

The Good Samaritan Retold.

So I need to get a new battery for our van. A few too many times letting your kids play in the van and you'll end up with a weak battery. Needless to say, we were on our way to go feed the ducks the other day, the kids hopped in the van a little early and left the door open. Of course that whole time they were sitting there the dome light was shining and our battery was dying. When I went to start the van I heard the beautiful sound of clicking, not an engine starting. So after I told the kids it was there fault, like any good dad, I told my wife. It was fine when I used to have my work truck, I could just use the truck to jump the van. But now that we only have one vehicle and I don't know how to use a scooter to jump start a van I started looking for help. I tried the neighbor across the street and he was gone. I wasn't going to bother my next door neighbor since he is Jewish and it was his Sabbath. So rather reluctantly I followed my wife's advice and tried flagging someone down form the street.

Now a lot of people use our street, cutting from Circle up to Winco, or vice versa, so we get a lot of traffic. I thought for sure it would be easy to get someone to stop. Just last week my wife and I stopped to help jumpsome one's car whose battery died. So I stood on the curb with jumper cables in one hand and the other waving and pointing at my van in the driveway with its hood up. Of course I had a pleasant smile on my face as well. Oh yeah, and my wife was standing leaning out of the drivers side door, poised and ready to do her part of turning the key in the ignition.

Several cars drove by without even looking. I managed to make eye contact with a lady in a very nice new blue Ford Mustang, who smiled back at me. Maybe she didn't understand why I was holding jumper cables and waving at my van. Another young gal in a red Jeep Cherokee, slowed down and seemed to squint at in order to understand what we were doing. I think after she realized that she would probably have to get involved in order to help us, she made a face of disgust and shook her head as if to put us down and absolve herself of her guilt.

The weirdest was when a lady with an old man in a little car slowed down, then sped up, then slowed down, then sped up, and then drove down the road a ways and then turned around. I thought they were going to come back but the turned a pulled into a driveway a few doors down and hid behind my neighbor's truck for a while.

Finally a gal stopped who had an older woman with her who had down syndrome. She looked a little confused, but pulled into the driveway. I had to help her find the button where you pop the hood. In seconds I had the cables hooked up and our van was running. As I was putting down the hoods and wrapping up cables, I noticed that the older lady (whose name turned out to be Sally, after all that's what her shirt said) was standing at the side door giving hugs to all of my kids and my wife. Sally was so blessed that her caretaker, Alice, had stopped to help that she had to get out and give us all hugs. I got my own hug from Alice and then thanked them both for stopping to help.

On our way to go feed the ducks, I couldn't help but think of the good Samaritan. A man in desperate need could not get people to stop and help him, even very religious people. The gal who stopped to help didn't even know where her hood release button was but she was willing to try and help. Sally's selfless hugs were like the money that the Samaritan left with the innkeeper, a nice touch. It sure encourages me as a child of God to want to be one who is quick to help.

"In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'" Acts 20:35

~ Mr Buckout.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Baby #8 ?? First Response Pregnancy Test {Product Review!}

First things first: I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for First Response. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Many thanks!
I know you won't read the rest of my review- unless I tell you what the results are to my First Response Pregnancy Test!!!  

Drum roll please......

We are NOT Pregnant. 

This is my second pregnancy test review this year and by far First Response surpasses the other! 
I can assure you of my 14 years of pregnancy (from doctor visits, cheap dollar store tests, and even digital types) First Response Pregnancy Tests are the nicest I have ever used! 

I know ladies- sometimes it is easy to use cheap pregnancy tests because you want them fit your budget, but if you feel like treating yourself (and you should!) these tests have a perfect womanly design and are WELL WORTH IT (costing $8.99 - $15.99) . 

I first noticed the shape was completely different, but the curve design is amazing and very wide tip
makes "aiming" easy with no mess AT ALL.

There is no awkward clean up, especially if you are wanting to keep it a surprise for your family.
(For example,  hmmm... why is she taking so long in the restroom?)

If you are considering buying a test for the first time ever, this is also a great brand to start with!

Unfortunately,  with my first I never had the joy of finding out on my own. When I was at a yearly OBGYN appointment, the doctor thought "maybe" I was expecting and got my permission to do a urine sample. It was positive :) 

Speed up 14 years later- this time I tested (on my own and one day early) with First Response Pregnancy Test, but ~whoops~ saw Aunt Flo before I even got to read the test. (:/ Bummer, but I am thankful.)  I am not sure if in this is the season of life God has planned for Baby #8.

Good thing... Each package comes with two tests, so if I get curious in the upcoming month(s) I have a very nice Pregnancy Test on hand.

About First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test and all its Benefits:
  • Comfort Sure Design Features
  • Cutting-edge curved shape designed to fit a woman’s hand
  • 50% wider tip
  • Longer handle
  • Retail Value: $8.99 - $15.99
  • FDA approved
  • Designed to detect all relevant forms of urinary hCG at anytime during your pregnancy
  • Detects Pregnancy as early as 6 days!
  • Easy-to-read in 3 minutes or less and 99% accurate
  • Two pink line positive test anytime of day
  • Pricing and Availability
  • Available at all stores near you!

Keeping it real,

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My 2nd Teenager...wow.

My second teenager is in the house!
Lydia you are amazing!!
with her little brother Jason. She is not taller than me-yet.
She must have been on her toes!
As Priscilla has grown, Lydia has been given the title of "Second Mommy". (and "Lollie", only to be used by her toddler siblings.) Her love and beauty is displayed to everyone in our home. 
sweet cuddles after being gone in Oklahoma at
Chickasaw Nation NASA Camp.
We missed her tremendously when she was gone at camp last week. Unfortunately her plane was late and our little surprise Birthday ended up being a Breakfast Happy Birthday with (per her request) this lovely Almond Poppy Seed Cake. Delish.. She received pearl earrings, book marks, a real metal Slinkie (from Jason), and her favorite: A hardback collection of Jane Austin books.

Not to forget... Elizabeth, Sean and I also repainted the girls room for her! All the girls LOVE it. The only thing missing from her birthday was her older brother Elijah. He is due home in a few days from camp.
opening one of her gifts!

I must say she is still a Queen in the kitchen. Her new discovery which she made tonight on her birthday- Biscuits and Gravy. A real southern gal.

Goodness. So many mountains to climb as a young girl and Lydia- you are handling them with grace. Keep trusting in the Lord and following Him with your whole heart. We love you dearly! ~Mommy

her new beautiful book set
she smiles just looking at them ;)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our Precious Scilla and Her Superhero

Her Hero, later in the afternoon.. the same day.

Many of you heard about the "almost tragedy" we faced last week. Sean posted an instagram photo shortly after our daughter had survived a near fatal drowning accident.

Even as I type these words, I have to almost disconnect from the reality that was in our hands.

Priscilla was slipping away from this life, not breathing, turning grey in my husbands arms. Sean brought her into our home crying himself, "what do I do?! what do I do?!".

My first thought she was hurt, but I saw no blood. Then I saw she was dripping wet and thought "O God, she fell in the pool". Her body was going more and more lifeless by the second. Lydia called 911 and handed Elijah the phone, Sean was screaming/praying. I was shaking, crying and tried to pry my finger into her mouth telling her "to breath!" (Her jaw was so clenched, I am still healing from a wound her teeth left.) As soon as I got my finger back out, I thought "CPR!" I blew into her mouth with all the effort I could. My breath felt so weak, but apparently two breathes were enough. She made a small sound and color started to return.

I expected water to expel out of her mouth- anything- but nothing. Sean got her upright and kept talking to her. She appeared out of it or coming out of a deep sleep. Sean kept saying "she's ok, she's ok".

I crumbled. I fell to my knees bawling. Every limb of me was shaking more. My knees. My hands. Everything.
It hit hard. I almost faced the death of one of my children.

The red bin normally has a couple inches of water,
but not after a rainstorm.
How did this happen? Mordecai, who is now a true Superhero, saw his baby sister fall into a bin that was outside. It was full with water from a rainstorm the night before. Only three years old, he gently called for his Daddy. Mordecai was up on a platform so could not get to her. I was in the house ready to make eggs and knew they were both outside. Yet, it only took a few minutes.

I made sure I checked her breathing with my stethoscope, heart rate.. ect. I knew she was stable.
I then FOUND Mordecai (on his bed), I smiled with all my strength: "Mordecai YOU SAVED your baby sister. You are a SUPERHERO. A big brother who took care of his sister, because you called for Daddy she was able to live. God used YOU to save her her life." His BIG smile was worth a thousands words.

It took quite awhile for our house to return to "normal". We had to pray as a family, regroup, and let people cry. I held Priscilla in my arms for the next hour or so. She slept. I had to push away thoughts of her being gone... dying in our arms.
Her Breath. O my goodness. Her breath on my chest was better than a newborn's. Ever squirm, every slight cough, I treasured in that moment.

friends for life
Praise God THE giver of life, whom has given us this breath of life. It is HIM who created us, not ourselves.

Lord Jesus, I praise you everyday for my children. They each are precious gifts. I would never choose to let them go, but understand your ways are higher than my own. Thank you for hardship. Thank you for miracles. Forever may our family draw closer to You... You ALONE are God.

thankful for this little person.


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