Friday, September 18, 2009


If you really know our family you know we are thrifty shoppers! All they way! Confession of a "Soccer Mom" whose kids don't play soccer: The last time I went to a department store was to buy a dress for a wedding because I did not own one. I was dreading going the night before because I happen to look what styles and prices were on the Internet. Yuck and more yuck! Praise the Lord, I was able to find a dress and shoes for under $30. They were both 75% off.
Anyways. NOTHING can beat Goodwill Outlet Stores (click for locations). AKA: THE BINS. It is the only way we can fulfil our need for something "new" and afford it. We not only find clothes, but also books, household things, and toys for the kids. Sometimes our trip pays for itself when I can sell what I have found on EBay. Maybe you are thinking.. what does she mean by "find" or "found"?? Simple answer: You dig, dig, dig! I have learned many tricks of the trade after doing it for 6 years. I found this article online it describes a bins experience almost to the T. (minus the dirty diapers..ect.) Warning there are two bad words in some ending paragraphs!
OK here is the result of our recent trip: We spent $40 on weighed items (69.-$1.29 a lb., the more weight the less per pound it cost) and spent about $12 on books (.50 softback $1 for hardback).
Our "finds" of what I can remember for all under $52:

"For Joseph" Corduroy Jacket (designer way cool!)
Arizona jeans for Sean
OSU baseball cap
Army Coat for for Elijah
wood bird feeder craft
Dino fossil kit
2 hoodies for me
home school books (reading ones I can sale online)
The Notebook fiction book
books for the kids
baby clothes (nesting)
baby blanket
merona tank top
Tommy Hilfiger Top
dragon claw mug (its like a goblet. Sean loves it I think it is a little weird)
duck printed mug
Thomas Kincade mug (we like mugs and coffee!)
jewelry box for the girls
basket of dress up beads
silk flowers bouquets for the girls
GI Joe cards
Hot Wheel car garage
million dollar bill salvation track (had to explain to Elijah that is was not real)
toy car
GAP top and Christmas dress for Elizabeth
solid wood Moncala Board Game
princess suit case
Puma athletic pants and top for Lydia
Ninja Suit for Jay (see pic)
Hello Kitty cup
2 purses
tiny stuffed turtle
cat toy
very nice much needed fitted bed sheet
always fun entertainment for the kids!
(note from Sean: "you just never know what you'll come home with")

Quick note: just because its cheaper we still have to keep our heart in check! It is so not important to fill our barns with STUFF and hoard beyond our needs. Amen? See Luke 12:16-21

This blog explains why I have such a hard time paying more than $2.50 for a shirt or any other piece of clothing. Guaranteed if you do see us around we will have more than one thing on us from THE BINS! Sean and I might just stop my the one in Portland on our next overnight date! But its an oxymoron because we have reserved a night at The Nines Hotel! ha! I will have to wear that nice dress again :)

This dress was from a past trip to The Bins
Pretty Beads
The Ninja!


  1. WOW, incredible! We're going to have to talk about this one more in depth!!! I've never heard of this?!?!

  2. You can afford to go to the Nines Hotel because you do shop THE BINS. It's all worth it.

  3. I used to buy everything on-line clearance, until I discovered the Goodwill....Awesome stuff....My latest trip yielded 1 jean jacket with furry lining/cuffs/collar, 1 pair 529 Levi curvy jeans like new, 1 pair Izod brown cordoroy paints, and a matching brown blouse...all for $13.

    My sister takes me to the Salvation Army out by her home in Illiniois and I find like bargains.

    One of my most favorite shops to visit was a consignment shop in Vancouver, Washington called Spankys. I found beautiful items for pennies on the dollar....awesome fun.

    I like getting yarn, dishes (I love special serving trays, cake plates, glass bakeware, unique plates, etc.) and even have found brand new unopened crafts - card making, knitting, etc. at resale shops, Goodwill and Sals....

    Fun, functional, low cost living. :-)



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