Monday, September 28, 2009

Born into Brothels

Sean and I recently started a movie last night. (For us it usually takes two sitting to finish a movie!) Although we will finish the rest of this film tonight, I know we will rate it 6 Stars on our Netflix account. It is AMAZING. We were laughing and crying with in the first 15 minutes. My writing would not due any justice to the movie, just watch the trailer: Born into Brothels.
An amazing women with one simple task.... to teach these children about photography and in return changes their lives. Makes me long to have them hear about Jesus!!! The life and death they have experienced is beyond my comprehension.
Another documentaries we watched and will NEVER forget was God Grew Tired of Us . Again none of these are Christian films , but if you have the time to watch any its worth it, at least the trailer.

Lord, although I cannot YET serve You in the missionary field help me to be mindful to support and pray for those that do. And pray for salvation and discipleship of those who hear Your word! Let me NOT be so "self" centered that I forget to love and share the gospel with all those around me. You are sovereign and good LORD!

Missionaries that we support: Far Reaching Ministries (see also their Blog) and Calvary Chapel Corvallis Missions
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  1. these are going on our list of "must watch" soon as we have a chance! thanks for the post! your blog is precious!!!! the kids are blessed for you.



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