Monday, September 7, 2009

Jason Shane and Jason Jon

Today 4 years ago, my brother Jason went to be with the Lord. He was only 29 years old. I soon will be turning 30 myself, a year that God did not have written down for him. The evening after I heard the tragic news I was laying in bed trying absorb all the emotion in my heart. I told my husband, "I really don't desire to have any more children, but if I did I pray, it would be a boy so I could name him after my brother." God heard my cry and VERY much to our surprise I was pregnant the following month! We waited to find out the sex of our third baby Elizabeth, but this time half way through the pregnancy we got the ultra sound done and it was a boy!! In respect and honor of my parents I wanted to get permission to name him after my brother. I am so happy they had no problem and we had their blessing.

My son Jason has kept the name alive and not awkward. I have seen Grandpa enjoy saying "Hey Jay Jay!" and myself yelling,"Jason, stop that!!" (Words that fill my childhood.) :-) Sean and I often ponder how much these two Jasons are so much alike. Without reading "into" it too much we just laugh and see God's sense of humor. If my brother Jason had the pleasure of meeting my son, it would have been halarious! Their both athletic, strong, and enjoy bathroom talk (just to name a few personality traits)....But also have a very sweet passionate nature.

I can only thank the Lord for our 4th little blessing. I am excited God has changed our hearts on the fruitfulness of childbearing altogether. We are praying for yet another baby... Jason is 3 years old and growing fast!
Jason is very aware that he was named after is Uncle. Whenever he sees a picture of his uncle he says..."Mommy look, its Uncle Me!"


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