Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moving......again (Part 1)

NW 17th Street Corvallis, OR:
Well, it must be said, we recently made our 12th move in 10 years. About 3 1/2 years ago we settled into our Corvallis home which was by far the LONGEST we have resided anywhere. My husband was employed with Canteen Vending and all his accounts were in the Corvallis/Albany area. Then on top of that, our family was commuting to church in Corvallis 45 minutes 2x a week! Thus, we were ready to relocate and stay put. Amen! Even in my frustration God provided a rental home by a man from our church. It would be a stretch financially but with some budgeting it was doable. But God made a way!

At the time I was 9 months pregnant (with Jason) and due in two weeks. I remember a friend helping me put my crib bumper on because I was "to big" an unable to reach/tie all those strings! The story I tell most often is bawling my eyes out because I DID NOT care where my cups went in the kitchen. How many times did I have to make such a silly decision in my life!? I was exhausted, very pregnant and vowed to never move again. Even though I was completely aware of the scripture in Proverbs, Man plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps. I was unmovtivated and a "little" depressed. ;) God carried us through just has He has every move.  
The Lord provided a new job for Sean as the Children's Pastor at our church! What a blessing! He also found an outlet in gardening and did an extreme makeover to the yard. I SO WISH WE HAD "BEFORE" PICTURES! The kids fell in sync with their dad, plants and seed became a huge part of our homeschool. The kids even got their own seed catologs in the mail regularly.  (They love getting any mail with their name on it!)  So many memories in one home. If I only had the time to share them all!

Here are some pictures of our side garden. An area that didn't exist when we moved in. Sean is collecting seeds with the kids...

Feverfew plant that he transplanted from his grandmas house:

We dug holes in the yard for drainage or it flooded! We planted a lot of clover. It does well in Oregon summers and stay green with little water...Here is Miss Elizabeth ready to sprout!

Fall leaves 2007

To be continued....


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