Monday, November 9, 2009

History for Homeschool

One of my least favorite subjects in high school was History for sure, but now I LOVE it!  We started a new homeschool book this year called Story of the World. It is fun to read to the kids has they color sheets, they also following mapping instructions and get review questions from mom. All copying is legal! :) We do a hands on activity toward the end of the week. (They usually have two or three to choose from in the chapter.) We are working through Book One: Ancient Times. It also incorporates Bible History too!  We skimmed Abraham and Joseph because the kids are already very familiar with them. Gotta love flexibility! Here is the link to Amazon and you can see inside the book. :)

This was our craft from last week. Sorry pictures only show end results. No way was I going to get out the camera during the tie die process!! Joseph's colorful coat:

Gotta love those kids!


  1. Lydia's poses are hilarious! What "method" or "curriculum" do you use?

  2. This is the first year we have really found which curriculums we like for Reading, Grammar, Math and History. We don't use the same for all subjects. We utilize the library A LOT! I would love to show you what I use (if you like) when you visit :) Have a great sunny day!



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