Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Graham Houses

Since 2002 we've had the family tradition of making gingerbread houses. It all started when Sean was a youth pastor in St. Louis. I got the joy of hanging out with all the young ladies and coordinating "get togethers". I found a website online that should a simple way of cutting the grahams and using Almond Bark for frosting. It works great and dries rather quickly. We have learned tables clothes are a must! Also cake piping bags and precutting is helpful.  The kids have also learned "DO NOT eat too much candy or you will get sick!" ( I will spare the details of one year) :)

Here was last Christmas 08...

And this years creations...


Elijah's Final Product:


Wish I had all the years of pictures scanned! Sean gets VERY creative each year:




Thus, it has become one of the favorite Holiday events in the Buckout House.  Even buying all the candy excites the kids. Each year we find out new ways to use it :)

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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