Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Hardwicks and The Buckouts

We have known The Hardwick family since Sean and I were 18 years old. Besides just attending church together, Janet was my girlfriend and Sean worked with Darius at Roundtable Pizza.  I remember the first dinner we had at their house as married couples. They just had Daniel, their oldest boy and I was very pregnant with Elijah.  We played Scatagories and laughed our heads off because we were VERY comfortable and "informal" with each other! I will never forget Janet showing me all the goods she got at recent garage sales. ( For example a huge pack of pens rubber band together!)
Well, we have shared so many memories with our friends. They are TRUE friends. The iron sharpens iron kind. It can go months with out contact and there is no bitterness. We just pick up were we left off....I love it!  We have seen God work in our families as we strive to make Him the center.

Even when we moved across the United States to Missouri in 2002, they stayed in touch with us. Which took much more effort then because everyone didn't have email or Facebook. :)  We even sent eachother recorded VHS tapes of our family.

Conversation of our are not limited too, but include:  Parenting, Homeschool, Politics, Birth Control, Abortion, 80's Things, Cool People, Ways to Save Money, Costco, The Bins, Contruction Help, Remodel, Home Groups, Stomach Issues, Health Care, Natural Foods, Microwaves...ect ect.. ect... LOL

I am going to miss them dearly! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH HARDWICK FAMILY!  Darius is now able to go on full time with CBR Ministry IN OHIO. Praise the Lord for their dedication to save babies!

Since Sean and I our now "back in the race" with them, I am a little sad that they won't be able to see our new baby, but there is always Skype!

The Kids!
BELOW:  Daniel 9, Elijah 8, Lydia 7, Sheldon 7, Elizabeth 5, Brielle 4, Jason 3, Peter 2, Stephen 1
(forgive me Janet if I got any ages wrong!)

Family Picture! 2009



Pretending to be in the 1900's

Note: How do we feed all these kids when we eat and fellowship together???  Walleries Pizza or BBQ Hambergers with Bacon are Hardwick/Buckout dinner traditions!

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Psalm 127:3

Dear Lord, Thank you for the entire Hardwick family. Thank you for bringing them into our life. They have been a living example of your testimonies and goodness! We pray for your hand of safety to proctect them as they travel to Ohio. Thank you for being their Provider. Thank you for giving us such wonderful friends.. In Christ name..Amen

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