Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Well, me made a slight mistake in ordering only 50 cards this year and fell very short... so I am posting our newsletter and some extra pictures for an update on our family.  God richly bless you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

We have an exciting new adventure ahead of us in 2010! Last September we moved into our "Adventure House", which we will reside in till sometime next June.  (We are fulfilling a lease for some dear friends who offered it to us, even though they had lost so much!) God is our Provider and Helper! Words can not express the generous gift they have given us. Plus, next July we will be expecting our 5th child!! I will be 10 weeks pregnant on Christmas Eve. To God be the glory; now, and in all these events to come!!!
So we are settling in, at least for awhile! My dear husband Sean, who is still an avid gardener has stored his seeds for Spring 2011.  He is diligently discipling our children and serving the Lord as the Childrens Pastor at church. He never fails to read the Bible to our kids every night before bed.  He is currently in the book of Luke with the girls, and Malachi with the boys (Jason does get to read a Children's Bible Book too!). What patience he has at these hours when I am done with my day.  We hope to transition to an all family bible time soon.
Elijah Jo, turns 9 next month! I am so impressed with him everyday. The kid has an exceptional memory. He learns more from reading library books than I can keep up with. From describing what makes a match ignite to his sister, or telling me that Jean-Francois was the first to decipher hieroglyphic writing, let’s just say he makes home schooling easy! Today he decided to write a book about a man going around the world for his vacation! I can't wait to see what he becomes as an adult! Ok. I can wait... he is my BOY.
Lydia Joy, is our 7 year old with an amazing talent for baking.  In the past couple of months she has made pumpkin pie, tarts, chocolate cake (from scratch), cookies, pizza pockets and biscuits. Sean keeps thinking of business names for her bakery someday! Lydia is very true to her heart and growing in the Lord. She has a natural motherly oversight for the entire family. She will thrive even more when we have our new baby! I will be blessed with her help! Her home schooling is going great. She wrote her first book called, “Chloe the Cat” and just started multiplication.  
Elizabeth Jane (also know as "Little Bee") is now 5 years old!  Almost everyday she writes me a note saying, "I "heart" U Mom BFF Jesus Loves Always"  She continues to bless our heart with her prayers and expressions of love to God. Weekly, she and Lydia find their way into swimsuits and play ballet. She has completed 29 reading lessons and is very close to reading all on her own.  It is how we get fun cuddle time too! The little girl also LOVES rice.  We see her working with missions someday, enjoying the people and lots of rice!
Jason Jon, who will always be my baby, is 3 1/2, but is willing to give up the title soon.  Jason has prayed faithfully almost everyday that "mommy would have a baby in her tummy, so there will be lots of kids". Those prayers have been such a comfort in hard times! It is very important for him to be heard. If he is not, he will just get LOUDER!  He loves all the Lego pieces his brother has and wants to play with his sisters all the time.  Right now, he and Elizabeth are hanging upside down on the couches. He will always tell you when his "feelings are hurt". What an honest loving boy! Oh, I must not forget he loves to get his back scratched.. "Mommy, please itchy my back"... 
I have been enjoying raising these beautiful kids and serving my wonderful husband!  I struggle like every mom, but always rely on the grace of God. I want to be transparent so they can see EVEN Mommy needs help from Jesus!  I left my Jazzercise Instructing this year because the time commitment was becoming a little too much to manage.  Now I have found a past time of making Mac Book family albums and writing a blog.  Pretty soon that time will be filled with our new baby! I am so excited!! Its is very surreal.
I think this might complete the first newsletter I have ever written! I can't promise one next year, for even now we are only given today. I am so thankful our Father in heaven has our days written down in His book. Even though December is not the month Christ was born, I praise God for sending His son as a little child! Jesus, that little child, grew to be a man (who was tempted in every way we have been!) and by His death on the cross, and resurrection brought LIGHT to this darkened world so we may be saved. Do you know Jesus as your Savior? Take opportunity this Christmas to open your heart to Him who loves you!  Believe and receive all He has done!

We love you dearly!   Love, The Buckout Family
Sean, JuRita, Elijah, Lydia, Elizabeth, Jason and Baby to come!


  1. Such a beautiful newsletter and pictures JuRita! I was crying when I got to JJ's part. What a beautiful prayer! Of course you know we are ELATED for you!!! I'm so glad we are pregnant and very close pregnant together! I can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for our families!

  2. Love the extra pictures. Your family spells HOPE!

  3. JuRita,
    What a Blessing you and your family are. It wasn't too long ago that you were just starting out with your second child and look at you now. You have a wonderful family and congradutlations on the upcoming birth of your fifth child. You made such an impact on Brieanna, at a time when her faith was being tested. She is now and still has not dated and still waiting for the one God has picked out for her. She is in no hurry and enjoys life and what God had done in it. If every you are in California, please look us up. You can always stay with us. We don't have a lot of room but we can make some for you. We still have 3 of our children at home, but our oldest is planning on moving out soon.

    We miss you and your family. God bless you.

    Love ,




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