Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Passion

Rabuna Fi Women
Over the past ten years God has been teaching me a lot about the people of Sudan and Uganda. I am shocked by the war atrocities: famine, murders, kidnaps, abuse, and rape.. just to list a few. Even as of late, I can only slightly wrap my mind around the devestation the women and children have experienced.

We have supported and followed Far Reaching Ministries for quite sometime. Just recently I was able to host a  Rabuna Fi  "God is here" party. It is an income generating project were crafts made by African Women in war torn countries, then shipped back to the states were people like us can sell them. The Rabuna Fi women are able to come hear a bible study,  (Have discipleship training pictured right) , fellowship, learn to read, and spend time making crafts for income. A friend and woman I admire, Vicky Bently has poured out her life to reach out to these women making disciples of Christ. She also over sees the a ministry called Love Covers to children. I have yet to read more about how I can help there too!

Lydia helping set up crafts for Rabuna Fi Party

Wes and Vicky Bently
Her husband works with Chaplain Corps and leads FRM

Chaplain Corps
(FRM: "At the heart of the ministry is our chaplains of Southern Sudan. The ministry began through the needs of Southeren Sudan and the need for training pastors and chaplains for the brutal world of Sudan. The chaplains of Far Reaching Ministries are currently deployed all over southern Sudan.")

Last night Sean and I watched a documentary on the Acholi Tribe called WarDance. Click HERE for Trailer. The entire group (I think about 200,000 people) have been displaced because of the war. Here is a simple quote from Wikipedia about the Acholi people:

"The Acholi are known to the outside world mainly because of the insurgency of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) led by Joseph Kony, an Acholi from Gulu. The activities of the LRA have been devastating within Acholiland (though they spread also to neighbouring districts and countries). As at September 2009, large numbers of Acholi people remain in camps as internally displaced persons." OR IDP, Part of a camp pictured below:

Most of the children in these camps have barely escaped the LRA (LRA pictured Right and Below with Leader Kony 2nd from right)  They hide in the bush while their parents are brutally murdered (a light way of putting it!). Others have been kidnapped, but escaped (while in captivity raped numerous times and killed others to stay alive ). One child in the movie said, "He is afraid God will not be able forgive him for what he has done." He is only 10. Another child actually describe what he was forced to do... I cannot even write about it... You would have to watch the movie.

LRA walking through African "Bush" Where many fear they will be captured by them.

Acholi Children :)

I found this picture on the internet and loved it! The caption is below.

LALIYA, UGANDA - MAY 26: Children play outside huts in a heavy rainfall on May 26, 2005 in Laliya, a poor rural village in northern Uganda. Many children in this area are afraid of being abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). The rebel group has brought terror to Northern Uganda for almost twenty years, fighting the Ugandan government. The victims are usually children, which are abducted and used as child soldiers and sex slaves. About 1.5 million people have fled villages and live in about 180 squalid Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps, which has changed the rural life in Northern Uganda. About 20,000 children walk every day to the nearby provincial capital Gulu where NGO:s house the children. Many children are too afraid to sleep in the villages. (Photo by Per-Anders Pettersson/Getty Images)

Why do we ignore it? Why do we turn away from the truth? Strive to find out more.. God bless you!

Video with Vicky Bently,  Far Reaching Ministry Aviation, Rabuna Fi Women (its the video shown at the party I hosted.)

Heaven Father, we have so much! Thank you for the simple blessing of this life. Food, water, clothing, .. a home.. Teach us to be content with the things we have. Oh, how we need to be mindful to pray for our brothers and sister in Christ and those who need you in these countries. Teach us how to pray. We need you.. with much is given much is required, let us not forget the freedom we have. Thank you for those who are risking their lives to share your gospel and make disciples. I love you Lord!

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