Thursday, January 21, 2010

Teaching My Kids The Ten Commandments

Well, my blogging has been off to a slow start this new year. I am thinking it is because of pregnancy (only an estimate of 182 days to go). Whenever I do get a quiet moment all I want to do is read for a few moments, have some tea, and maybe nap! Of course, Homeschooling is always VERY hard for me in any new year too. I feel like a SLUG! It's when I really use the word "Flexibility" of Homeschool to justify some of my laziness! But its a good thing too!!

The best motivation for me the past couple of weeks was getting the kids down at the table and going over the Ten Commandments (1 or 2 a day) and talking about them.  (Sean printed some coloring sheets awhile back that we never got to, so I found them and put them to use.) It made transitioning to our lessons of "the bug of the day", reading, grammar, or math easier because I had all the kids right at the table. :) When they were younger I used to spend so many more mornings reading the bible and praying with them at the breakfast table. I miss it!  Now, I feel it is best to let them sleep as they need it (they used to get up EARLY). I would have to set an alarm for everyone now and I am NOT seeing the fruit of that at this point of their lives. Ok... I am rambling.

Here are some fun pictures of how we memorized the Ten Commandments this week. Also if you have a moment read the explanation at the bottom. It was great for understanding WHY God gave them to us. We went over the ending part today and tested our memory. I fully enjoyed all of did they.  Maybe the Fruit of the Spirit will be next...

You memorize them according to the shape of the #

And then we left just the #s up to without the commands:

This was what we discussed with other pictured coloring pages: 

Why do you think God gave us the Ten Commandments? (choose one)
a. As a way to get to Heaven
b. As a mirror to look at

If you chose "a" your wrong.
They are for a mirror!

In the same, way we don't realize what a bad state we are inn until we look into the "mirror" of the Ten Commandments.

Do you remember what #9 is?
What is it?
Have you ever lied?

What about #5?
Have you always obeyed your parents?

What about #6?
Have you ever hated someone?

Have you ever stolen anything?
Have you ever been greedy?

Can you see the Ten Commandments are like the mirror--they show us how bad we are and how we need to be clean before the Day of Judgement.  That is the Day God will punish people who have broken the Ten Commandments. They will be sent to a place called "Hell", a place where God doesn't want people to go.

God doesn't want you to be punished. HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH that He made a way for you to be clean before Judgment Day.

To show you want a wonderful thing God did, listen to this story:
A man had a son who was REALLY bad. He did many bad things, including lying and stealing, and found himself in trouble with the police. They said he had to pay a $50,000 fine or go to prison. The son didn't have any money, and was about to go to prison. Then his dad stepped in and used his life savings to pay his son's fine.  That meant he didn't have to go to prison. It showed HOW MUCH he loved his son.

We are like that son. But God came down to earth and paid our fine by dying on the Cross. JESUS TOOK OUR PUNISHMENT ON HIMSELF. Then, He rose from the dead. That means that we don't have to be punished by God.  WE CAN LIVE WITH HIM FOREVER! It also shows us how much God loves us.

What should you do?
 Ask God to forgive you for the Commandments you've broken (called "sin"), and then give your life to Jesus.
Read Psalm 51 and make it your own prayer. When you do that, you will have Gods promise that you are forgiven and will live forever.

Then read your Bible every day (it's full of incredible stories) --start with the Gospel of John, and obey what you read. God will never leave you!

Thank you Lord .... what a JOY this time was with my kids!! 

"And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart.  You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up...You shall write them on the door post of your house and on your gates."
Deut. 6:6-7,9


  1. Can we find those coloring pages online? I think I need them, too - I've always had a hard time remembering the 10 commandments but the visuals are already helping me picture them in my mind better.

  2. Never mind - found it! And I plan to use it!

  3. thanks for sharing. I totally forgot to put up the link! :)



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