Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jason: Caught on Video!

This is what happened a few weeks ago when Jason was "recording" on the computer and everyone else left the room! Excuse the bad manners, but IT IS SO HIM AND SO FUNNY! By the way: he is watching himself.


  1. Lorn and I are DIEING!!!!!!!!! That HAS to go on youtube!!!!!!!!! I love the picking of the nose, he is sooooo cute! Thanks for being brave and posting your kid with all his glorious manners!

  2. We laughed out loud, as you can imagine. LOL Jurita! Reminds me of when my older sisters caught our youngest brother practicing his laugh in front of the mirror....

  3. hahaha that is ssooooo awesome!

  4. Tyler and I just had a good laugh at Jason's expense. I love his eeeenunnnnnciaatttioon of "Elizabeth" with the big open mouth. He looks like he's just enjoyed a juicy PB&J sandwich or a bowl of blueberries or something. Tyler loved the diggin' for gold in them thar nostrils. I noticed how quickly that finger came back out when he heard the door open!

    One of Rachel's favorite moves is to watch herself in the mirror while she's crying. I'll have her cornered in the bathroom, giving a stern lecture, while she yowls melodramatically and checks her reflection. I've told her she better thank me when she wins the Oscar, for being there during the early years of perfecting her craft.

    What's even worse is when I catch my own reflection while I'm lecturing her! I look like an ogre and not nearly as cute as Jason!

  5. tummy hurts from laughing...this is GREAT!

  6. I love the way he circle around his mouth to get to the other nostril....quite the technique! :-D



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