Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hard Lesson Learned

As I sit here and type, my daughter Elizabeth finally took her one bite of Alfredo and Broccoli! So, an hour and half later, a few spankings, and even time out in the corner revealed all the stubbornness bound up in her little heart. But praise the Lord she just did it and is praying with her Daddy!!! She is so happy for Jesus' help and forgiveness.

Ya see, I hope is a lessoned learned for my children, but more so for Sean and I has parents. This is the first time in our 9+ years of parenting that we have EVER made our children eat their veggies. So, the past week and a half (so far) they have taken one bite of whatever vegetables I may make. We have tried salad, green/yellow beans, carrots, spinach (not cooked), potato salad, celery, and yes BROCCOLI. Everyone has struggled and overcome. I have even struggled watching... Even angry when we have had to clean up what has been "brought back up".

LESSON LEARNED: AS SOON HAS MY CHILDREN CAN EAT SOLIDS THEY WILL TRY EVERYTHING ON THEIR PLATE.  How selfish it is of me to "not pressure" them to eat certain foods so I can have a peaceful dinner.

Our children are also understanding the importance of their example will be to their new sibling(s) in the future. It has taken consistent discipline on all of our parts and we are starting to see how easy it really is to OBEY. And God blesses us when we do!

My little Bee finished her Alfredo and now is enjoying some Hot Chocolate. Thank you Lord!

Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened calf with hatred.
Proverbs 15:17

Here are some photos from our first "salad" night. 

We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!


  1. But doesn't it just bless your heart to hear all of those lovely comments about the dinner you made them. ;)
    The lesson we are just learning: don't take parenting personal!

  2. What lessons indeed! I was trained early. Many a night I recall sitting at a plate of cold peas. And you know what? At 51 I love them! I especially like cold peas on salad. Thank you God for giving my parents the strength and determination to see me through my rebellion and share with me the fruits of the harvest! Amen!

  3. Kids always meet our healthy expectations!! You are right, it is much easier if you start out with veggies from the start-however I admire you INCREDIBLY for doing this now. There is never a better time.

    Once the fight is over I bet they'll surprise you by actually starting to like what they thought they didn't like!

    blessings friend, you are a champ!

  4. Thank you all for your words of encouragement. We are still working on it EVERY night :)...

  5. I don't have your strength of character for those marathon approach has been to give "choices" and say, "You can choose to not eat this, but then you will not get any dessert" (or other good thing). When the whining starts up I remind the child, "You have the choice to do whatever you want! I'm not making you do anything." One of my more stubborn children will sometimes get up and say, "That's fine, I don't want dessert anyway," but in general they will choose to eat the offending item so they can get dessert. As we have worked through it for the last year, they are becoming more pliable about at least trying things, and I am still trying not to get hurt feelings over the gagging, water chugging, and wasted food!

    It's sort of borrowed from the Love and Logic books, which promote giving choices and letting children experience consequences for those choices. The authors go to extremes over it (am I really going to let my kids get cavities because they 'choose' not to brush teeth??) but the general theory has helped me in my parenting.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Good job my darling neices and nephews! I love the pic of Jason & Elijah...almost framable! Your cousins get the same treatment. Instead of a little ranch on the vegis, it's a little vegis on their ranch. Life lesson: obey and you'll be blessed. Even when we don't feel like it! It keeps us parents accountable too =)!!



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