Friday, June 4, 2010

A Cute Story

I have been waking up quite early. Too early, but when you are uncomfortable most of the night you just want to get up! (Even if it is 5:15am)

 My dear husband on the other hand, has been setting the ipod 3 times a night to take Jason potty. So you can imagine Sean wants to sleep in as long as possible! This morning before Jason came down the stairs at 7am, he got REAL close to Daddy's face (of course Sean heard his little breathing.. but we know better than to open our eyes!) and Jason softly said.... "Cocka-doodle- doo!"

I can't find our family journal so it was a must to blog. How cute he is!

Here are some other fun sayings of our kids:

"DINfrent" = Different
"ChalkLick"= Chocolate
"Baymer"= Hammer (by Jason Jon)
"Beaver to Beaver"= Leave it to Beaver
"Wildlife Safarty" = Wildlife Sarfari

I KNOW there are more... I am going to start a label and write them down!

My babies 2007

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