Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Few Days Old

What a precious gift from God...

Time with Big Brother...
Helping Momma out....
We had to take him seriously or his feelings got hurt!...


  1. haha oh my goodness, he's so cute. What a great helper! Let me know when you're up for the boys to play and baby girls to visit :)

  2. I will do that! What fun it would be... I am doing my best to stay home bound. Btw: THANK YOU for dinner. I loved the meat. Would it work for Sean to bring the pan/pot on Sunday? Should he try to give it to Mo? Blessings and love!

  3. I love those pictures. We are just SO blessed as Mama's, and I love your sweet Mama heart, JuRita! Hug, Hug!

  4. Congratulations JuRita, what a beautiful blessing from the Lord. She is precious. I just love following your blog. The kids are growing so fast. The Frere's miss you and your family!



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