Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome Baby Hadassah!

Hadassah Jean Buckout 
July 29, 2010
9lbs 2oz
21 inches long

Praise the Lord for our little bundle of joy!
We were so relieved to have her in our arms.
(My water broke 5 days before her arrival, so we anticipated her everyday.
I had on and off labor during the week. Then two intense final hours.)
 God is good!
Thank you Heavenly Father for another beautiful baby girl. And thank you God for using Dr. Roeder to put fertility back into your hands!

(encouraging baby to come!!)
first family photo!


  1. Congrats, again! God is great! She looks just like you JuRita :) Enjoy her :)

  2. I am SO SO SO SO happy for you guys! So awesome. What an awaited joy! I can't wait to hug you, JuRita!

  3. I love the pictures! I have to see Hadassah Jean on skype again! I love the one of all the kids around your belly.

    Was Jason the Aunt Jemima Cleaning Service or the Ninja Vacuuming Service? Kids are so cute. To this day...we have the Serious Tower downtown Chicago and I won't let the kids tell him any different.

    Your sister,
    (she has her cousins lips)



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