Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Corn Syrup Painting

Well, things are going a little bit better this week with Jason. No schedule, but more sit down "fun" activities. 

He also has done a great job tracing his name. I have used this website:  http://www.handwritingworksheets.com/print-k/make-pk-all.html
for handwriting in the past. You can type out anything you want them to trace. Of course we worked on his name!

He spent some time today just tracing letters in sugar. My friend Jenn has a great Salt Box craft, but I unfortunately I didn't have time to make it! So, a cookie sheet and sugar did the job :)

We made these paintings today. Again.. I did not have poster white paper, so we glued the paper to cardboard. Supplies include: Corn Syrup, Food Coloring, and Straws if you like. They take a good week to dry, but all the kids love watching the colors blend :) and it taste good too!

I love homeschooling. Just have to "re-group" (remember to slow down and walk in the spirit) and it all works for good by the end of day! Patience is something we learn daily... I praise the Lord for his strength and grace!
Have blessed week!

Top: Elizabeth's and Jason's
Bottom: Elijah's and Lydia's


  1. Oh, JuRita! I love the activity ideas!!!

  2. Will you please tell me what's in the recipe???? What fun!



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