Friday, September 3, 2010

My First Moby Baby :)

Just found out from a friend about this Moby Giveaway. Perfect timing because I had already started this blog! 

We went for a family walk/(hike!) the other night. It was such a beautiful evening!!! How perfect it was to have little baby Hadassah cozy as a bug in her Moby. She fell right to sleep and hardly stirred the entire walk. My husband and I could not resist taking these pictures! (The kids had picked the flowers during the walk.)

Now if I had only had a Moby with my four other babies!

If you are interested: Check out this blog, Raising Olives, for a Moby Wrap Giveaway. Its very easy to enter, just look at the Moby site and choose your favorite one and tell her about it.


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