Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thus Homeschool Has Begun

This is our second week of homeschool while Mom tries to manage the new wee little one!

Has it gone perfect? Not Quite.

Do I find God teaching me daily? Constantly.

I am inadequate? Yes, but God is not.

Have I already broke down in tears?... I will be honest. Yes.

Praise the Lord I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength! After venting to my husband for awhile today, my new plan for next week: A SCHEDULE FOR JASON. I am telling you he needs some good, fun, busy work. I will be exploring it this weekend. For example: Now its time for...playdough, then painting... ect. ect.  Have ideas????.. send them my way! I am even thinking of scheduling "playtimes" with his siblings for him.

Well, here a sample of what we have been doing. ( Moms ask me from time to time what I do for homeschool. It's interesting.. then I think.. what is it I "do"?) I don't have time to give the links but if you are interested a quick google search will get you to them :)

PLEASE NOTE: I do not type this to boast of "all I do". Reality is... I don't get to everyone of these daily! We try too, but the Lord at times has a different schedule. Be blessed and encouraged! These are the books that have worked well for our family.

Any Bible Stories for Jason and the for the others:

Bob Jones Bible

Math U See for Elijah (4th grade) Lydia (3rd)
 Elizabeth Singapore for 1st Grade


Corvallis Public Library... about 50 books a week :) Elijah has quiet reading time everyday and then narrates to Dad or I.  Lydia reads aloud Bob Jones Reading and does a worksheet.

Starfall and 100 Easy Lessons for Elizabeth

Grammar and Spelling
We also use cursive books for handwriting, but didn't post them.

Story of the World. Last year I only got through chapter 14, so we are picking it up again. 
I wrote a quick blog: History for Homeschool while covering it last year.

Social Studies
This is a school textbook, but they use "living" stories to start off the units. Then refer back to them as teach topics. I usually just read it over snack or lunch. Short and quick :). I could only find a picture of the teachers manual. Its a great book.
Harcourt Social Studies 3rd grade

Sean has been doing this topic! yay! This past week they took one evening and studied pollution. He has book he uses for topics to cover. I will update the title later.... its at his work.  He will use YouTube videos, print worksheets, color, experiments, ect. to add to the fun. Even Jason LOVES these nights!

Currently we are doing a Camping Unit. They will be going camping with dad soon. The following is a great website for all kinds of lapbooks. This probably would be considered my "art" time.

Ok I am done! Now before Monday... I NEED to concentrate on little Jason! I am praying for wisdom!
Please send any ideas you have:)


  1. I'm struggling with finding something for Penny to do as well. I was told to do the playdough, coloring, painting routine too...but after trying that this week she does it for a minute but wants to be in the middle of everything. If you find something that works well, please pass it along.

  2. Well, this is what I came up with at the last minute: I got out my 123 ART book. Cornstarch painting (dripless paint) for monday, Corn Syrup food coloring painting for Tuesday, Marble painting in tin for Wed. I am going to do a fun cutting activity that I did with the other kids. They find eyes, noses, lips out of magazines and glue them down to make funny faces. (I have NO DOUBT all the kids will want to join in!) I also want to start letting him find things to glue with making the letters of his name. Maybe a letter each day.
    I know your feeling about the toddler in the mix. I will be there soon with Hadassah. I remember Jason standing on the homeschool table throwing pencils everywhere and I about lost my mind! I would just try to include her as much as possible. You have plenty of time! Enjoy all the "fun" work now. Think "short and sweet" homeschool :)..

  3. I love how eclectic you are. I use so much of the same stuff! I don't get to my Kindergarter every day either. So don't feel bad!

    Nice to meet you and I love the names your children. I wanted a Hadassah, but my hubby wouldn't go for it. Have you ever read "The Mark of the Lion" Series by Francine Rivers? The main character is Hadassah.

  4. Corvallis isn't that far away! We don't go down there very much, but if you are ever up this way, I would love to have you over for a meal!

    You have a beautiful family as well!



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