Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baby Wearing

Ok, here's a confession: I used to never understand how a mother could "wear" their baby all the time! 
Since Baby Hadassah was born I confess, I have surely seen the benefits! While I don't "wear" her all day long (I still believe babies need chill time and learn that is it ok to nap in a crib), I have taken advantage of the Moby Wrap during fussy evening times and it's a nice option of NOT lugging the carseat around! Over the past few weeks I have even seen more and more how Hadassah enjoys the time close to Mommy too ;). It is sad it took me till my fifth baby to realize this, but every Mom's personality is different and we have different seasons of life.  Since Sean's reversal, God has taught me to treasure these little ones all the more. (There was about 4 years that I thought I would never have an infant again!) Maybe that is why I took up baby wearing... Or it might just be because she's #5! God knows!
He also knows if I can find an Ergo Carrier for under $50!

Last week had a dinner at The House of Charis.  While walking anywhere, our family normally gets stares just because of our size, but this time we all had baby in slings on (with the exception of Dad!). Ha ha! Jason was so excited to be hands free and still have his baby panda next to him. How cute! We always training even by our actions.. they are always watching folks!

Below: Jason posing for a side view.. 

Baby H and I at Airlie Hills Farm for our Homeschool Field Trip

Group Shot!

Raising Homemakers


  1. too cute! I confess to, I couldn't understand it either...even with Penny I used it skeptically and "safely"...silly me. I'm glad God showed me this time around to just cherish them. Yay for Moby and Ergo Carriers!

  2. I tried to post a comment last night. But, I do have an Ergo Carrier you are welcome to borrow if you would like.

  3. Thank you Jennifer! I would LOVE to borrow it!! What a blessing... thank you thank you :) I didn't know you had a blog. I have already added it to my list. Have a beautiful SUNNY day!

  4. Yeah, it's a pretty quiet blog. :-) I will look for it, and if I find the Ergo before Friday, I will bring it with me.



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