Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gross, But It Works!

Do you hate those little flying gnats in the the kitchen?? I friend of my suggested this a few years ago and I use it whenever I see them! (They are the kind of gnats that will collect on old bananas.. if you know what I mean!)

Use a small dish or ramekin.
Fill it with Apple Cider Vinegar
and a few drops of dish soap.
Put it out for those little buggers to enjoy..


Come back the next morning.. there will be dozens (in the dish). 
Thought I would spare you and NOT take a picture of my "kill".


  1. Yup, we do that too. Kids have loved counting them in the morning....haha

  2. When you say small dish, do you mean like a bowl? And what is a ramekin?

  3. Hey Jennifer- A ramekin is a dessert cup that you can put in the oven. So a small dish would be about 1/2 cup to 1 cup in size. You could even just use a measuring cup :)..bowl would work too.

    too funny Heidi! my kids are too grossed out to count 'em!

  4. Totally being using this! We suddenly became aware of our fruit fly infestation! Gross.

  5. We currently have a cloud in the kitchen, apparently from some bananas I brought home - when I read your tip I jumped up to prepare my trap! So excited! Thank you and Merry Christmas to a wonderful family...



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