Friday, October 29, 2010

"Sick Seasons"

A virus of some sort has entered our home. Sniffles, head aches, and now the throw up. Strange though.. Bee had it a week ago and now Jay. Hopefully, it has taken course.

Since I was tending too baby, Sean was up with little Jason most of the night. We would do it all over again if tonight if we have too. We might just "get" to!

I love my children. I love holding their hair back, rubbing their backs, cleaning them up, talking them through all the yuckies, tucking them in bed and praying over them. A blessing in disguise.

I put Jason back in bed after his bath this morning. I gave him a sip of water and said, "Just a litte bit, you don't want your tummy to I have something to throw up!" :)
He replied, "Mom your just jokin', tummies don't really talk.."

A picture from another "sick season"
JULY 2009

Lord be the glue that hold us together this weekend! I know spiritual the enemy wants to knock us down as Dad oversees the Harvest Carnival. Heal our family, I pray.... I don't want to thank you for hard seasons, but I must!


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