Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family Worship

Sean and I are realizing now more than ever the importance of family worship.  I say now more than ever because our kids are growing fast! Sean is a Children's Pastor at our church so Sundays mornings we don't have the opportunity to sit in corporate worship.  How sweet it is to hear our children sing with us. Honestly, we only do it once or twice a week... but we would like to do it more. The kids usually sit with their bibles and sing along. The other night we took turns singing solo (while Dad played guitar) to "Our God is an Awesome God." Very precious.

One of my favorite bible teachers, Voddie Baucham wrote a blog on family worship with younger children. (Be prepared: he is pretty blunt.). Here a few quotes that blessed/encouraged and taught me. Read the full blog here.

"Our philosophy is simple; our younger children do not need to be entertained, they need to be taught.  They need to see a picture of family worship that calls them upward."

"We have created a generation of children who think everything is supposed to be ‘fun’ and the results are tragic.  Don’t fall into that same trap with family worship.  If our children think reading, singing, and praying is boring, the problem is not with those practices; the problem is with the appetites we’ve created in our children.  Are they watching too much TV?  Are they being over-stimulated by electronics and video games?  Are they spending time during a typical day learning the discipline of sitting quietly for a while?  Are they spending Sunday morning in something resembling a television studio shooting an episode of the latest kid’s show? " 

"We will never have meaningful family worship if we don’t unplug.  Christianity is in many ways a quiet, contemplative, meditative, religion.  Listening to God’s word requires concentration and discipline."

A Few Helpful Hints: (for the little ones from Voddie's Blog)
1.Keep It Simple
2.More is Caught Than Taught
3.Small Children Need Repetition
4.Don’t Neglect Discipline"


  1. Great one! Shhhh...I'm buying John a guitar for Christmas for this very purpose :) LOVE little H sitting there!

  2. Good quotes from Voddie. I so enjoy your blog.



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