Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Big Brother Jason

Can you believe it is already December? Wow.

I am so blessed to see Jason and Hadassah (4 months!) playing these days.  It is very special to me because my own big brother Jason was 3 years older than me. She will survive ;) Here is a peek into their "first" playtimes..haha

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  1. Only researching 5 minutes, I finally figure out how to leave a comment, and being the OLDER sister I am, I forgot what I wanted to say!!

    Anyhow, VERY cute. He is a true boy. You did survive your childhood, and with all those siblings and Christian parents, Hadassah will be completely blessed. Her cousin Chloe can give her a few tips if necessary on how to survive in the WILD!

    I love you and miss you. It's a good thing I don't come on this site often (which by the way...I think I am a follower if I did it right), I have so much joy seeing everyone, but it's a bitter sweet, because now I'm sad! I must look to Jesus, awaiting his return, but until then I'll save for gas money!!
    Love you all,



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