Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Daddy, Momma, 5 kids and counting

Our Christmas Newsletter...

Lets just say it is not easy to ponder all that God has done this past year. It reminds me of a scripture in Isaiah.

I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake; 

And I will not remember your sins.  Put Me in remembrance
Let us contend together; 
State your case, that you may be acquitted.
Isaiah 43:25-26

Though it is difficult. It is healthy to be overwhelmed by the blessings God has bestowed upon us. May we remember Him and celebrate His gift of life this upcoming new year!

10 year anniversary in Kauai
To all of our Homies
After almost 11 years of marriage and 14 moves (or so, I lost count). We have settled once again! Lord willing, we will have chickens this spring and start our garden (Sean has already planted a cover crop!) Sean and I are doing wonderful.. FYI: I have the best husband in the world, second to Christ! :)  Our marriage is better with every year! To God be the glory!

With the arrival of our little Hadassah, God has changed a lot in our family. I have a renewed perspective on motherhood and childbearing (yes, we want more little blessings.) Sean himself has a passion to biblically lead our family, so we can grow closer to God with each other. We only have the kids in our care for such a short time and without further ado, here is a little snippet into their life...
Birthday Sleepover
Elijah Jo will be turning 10 next month! Ahh!! I am amazed. The first official child with a double digit. Mr. Jo had an eventful year. He celebrated his last birthday with his first sleepover, got over his fear of water, read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy!!!, took Basketball Basics class, and recently scored 2nd place in a 1k race. What a champ. I love this boy to pieces. He continues to politely correct me on my spelling and english. Especially with bible names! He is very aware God has given him an incredible gift of drawing. A day would not be complete without some form of art work. His drawing won a Holiday Contest in the Gazzette Times December 22! Good job Buddy!
New pens and paper from Dad

December Recital
My dear Lydia Joy. What a treasure! Yes, she is still cooking and baking. Often cereal will not do and she will make herself a hot breakfast: pancakes, eggs, toast, or latkas. This morning it was grilled cheese and yogurt. Only 9 months ago she started piano lessons and has found a love for music. She recently played at a Memory Care Home, Christmas Recital, and on the big stage a church for our Christmas Program. I almost cried during that one! Crafting daily is a must for this little girl (she just made a collection of ornaments for her room). She enjoys reading Park Pals, a series of Chapter books about little critters in Central Park New York. We were so blessed to see her and Elizabeth baptized shortly after their baby sister was born in August. What a beautiful young woman you are becoming Lydia!
Playing O' Little Town of Bethlehem with Daddy
Mary's Peak Camping Trip
Little Elizabee (Elizabeth Jane) my sweetheart. This little girl is all smiles!! But when she is sad she will let you know :) As does Lydia, Elizabeth LOVES her new baby sister Hadassah. She is so proud to hold her "all by myself" and delights in making her laugh.  Elizabeth likes cooking her own eggs, writing/receiving letters, and riding her bike. (Which she learned this past summer!) She quickly advanced to the same level of swimming has her older siblings this past fall. Oh, and how can I forget?? She had lovely 6th birthday party with three of her darling friends. Every morning and night she hugs and reminds me, "I love you my mommy." I love you too Bee!
Her beautiful 6th Birthday 

Oh Jason Jon my big boy, turned 4 in July! Jason is known to have two speeds. First: when he is awake. Second: when he is asleep. The house would just not be the same without his loud voice! It is very important one hears his entire conversation/story no matter how long it takes him to get it out!!  This year Jason learned how to ride a bike and dive underwater. We often say he has no fear. God protected him from loosing a tooth and hurting his head in three big accidents (maybe I will blog them later). We are happy he is safe! Jason is learning his alphabet, shapes and numbers. He is still my cuddle boy.. when I can slow him down :)
Doing what he does...

Almost lost a tooth picture.
All ready for The Nutcracker
Last but not least our Precious Hadassah Jean or my little "Dessie"is 5 months old. What a miracle baby. A special gift from God. (((Deep Breath))) She was born on July 29th, weighting 9lbs 2oz. She was my very first homebirth. I am amazed to see her little personality starting to shine! She is quiet (so far) and loves to smile at her family.  She also loves sucking on her hands and gets frustrated when playing with toys that won't fit. Soon, she will be crawling, then running, and making us all laugh in the process! yay!
With her favorite ducky

Much love to you all this Christmas,
The Buckout Family


  1. Love this! Teared up reading about Hadassah <3 Miss you guys TONS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Merriest Christmas to a wonderful family. Thank you for sharing and living out His beautiful plan through each of your lives. We love you!

  3. Thank you JuRita!! What a beautiful and precious family!



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