Friday, December 10, 2010

Nehemiah Bible Study Chp 3-4

Memory Verse:
"So we built the wall... for the people had a mind to work." Nehemiah 4:6

Last Friday night we had a bit smaller group due to the Civil War game, but God uses the time to the fullest ALWAYS!  I even had to leave in a rush because I got a text from Dad that said "Mad little baby.." Home first. Friends second.

Yet I am so thankful for you Mommas who have set aside time to study, read, and fellowship over Gods word with me. Thank you ladies!

So Nehemiah chapter 3. At first glance one would want to just skim over it, but L@@K again. It is so rich with insight. It looks like a ton of hard-to-understand names. Nehemiah was well prepared, organized and recorded who/where the people built. Here is a picture similar to the one we filled out...


I don't have time to cover all the details, but listen to some this descriptions of 'whom' was building the wall..
high priests
son's of
daughters of
men of the plain
and who was not: "nobles did not put their necks to the work" Neh 3:5

Our study touched on a few points, which made for great conversation! Neh 3: 10 says "Hedaiah the son of Harumph made repairs in front of his house." The study asked this question: "Think of the benefit to God's people if everyone acknowledged home as their first priority of service. (What about the benefits to the church and even beyond to the world?)" What a great question! It goes right along with 1 Timothy 3:4-5. Also it mention Baruch the son of Zabbal because he "carefully repaired" the section he was to work on.  God give us such a heart!

Something was also spoken of: where were the women? It mentioned daughters, but surely someone was feeding all of these men and caring for the home!  We also thought it was very commendable to see the children were working/learning right along with their fathers. 

Good points of our discussion:
  • What do you want your work to reveal about you to others?
  • What ever we do in word or deed are we doing it all for God's glory?
  • Do you have a work for God? Ephesians 2:10
  • What is your specific purpose? What is your response? Praise the Lord being a mother is a good work! 
  • Are we trying to find our purpose in something other than what it is? 
Ok, on to Nehemiah 4 (this is why we ran out of time!)...Part of this section in our study was titled Building and Battling.  The enemy does not want to see the Lord's work progress. Those building the wall were mocked, questioned, and even threatened as they worked. Quoted from our study, " Dr. Alan Redpath said, 'the Jews in Nehemiah's day were successful in their work and in holding the enemy at bay because they had a mind to work (v.6) a heart to pray (v. 9), an eye to watch (v. 9), and an ear to hear (v.20).' This combination allowed them to be victorious. If the same holds true for us today, then we too will be victorious. But let's face it, sometimes it's possible for us to become our worst enemy! God warns every believer to be obedient in all things, lest Satan take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices (2 Cor 2:9-11). " ( page 5)

I cannot help to be reminded, I am a leader and teacher in my children's life. We are building a strong wall, a very important wall so to speak... or are we? Do our children see our diligence when following Christ? Here were some other questions discussed, before I got the text from my hubby ;)..
  • Are we encouraging our children?
  • Tearing them down or disciplining in love?
  • The enemy wants us to be distracted from God purpose.. are we using our time wisely?
I want to see my children grow. I want to see them love the Lord will all their heart, mind, and strength. Am I willing to keep working hard even if it is a battle? Am I willing to be poured out for the Lord? I pray I have a mind to work... even if it means NOT seeing the fruit or reward immediately. 

Here is verse God encouraged me with this week. He is my strength!

"Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them for the LORD your God is the One who goes with you. He will not leave nor forsake you" Deuteronomy 31:6

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