Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I must write this down before I forget...

My dear Lydia was reading a Children's Poetry book before bed two nights ago. 
(One of the kids new special treats: getting to read in bed with a LED light, BUT Dad picks the book.) 

Then the next morning she was looking a Cat Picture book with quotes about cats... 

She says "Hey Mom, this lady is very popular she was in the poetry book too!" 
"Oh really... who is that?" I respond. 
I had to read the name for her: 
Too cute. I did politely explain what it meant! ;)

And tonight Elijah before bed notices Sean's book....

"Uh.. Dad,  the front of that book has a bad word on it."
... an Idiot's Guide...
Then Elijah adds "I just say 'The Mmm Guide'"

Love my babies! 

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