Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nehemiah Bible Study Chp 6

Brick up Brick
Memory Verse: 
"Now therefore, O God, strengthen my hands" Nehemiah 6:9b

My goal during our last study was to meet from exactly 7pm-8:30. It never fails, I don't think I left study till 9:15pm! The good thing though, I did not receive any text messages and baby was fast asleep :)  

So in Nehemiah 6, instead of the opposition being with sword and spears (like in chapter 4-5, pictured above), the enemy was at work in a more "subtle series of attacks".  The people were on the verge of completing the wall, when Sanballet and Tobiah were trying with their words to pull Nehemiah away. First they tried to just meet with him (Neh 6:2), then had announced an open letter for all to hear (Neh 6:6-7), and finally hired a man to prophesy against him (Neh 6:12).  In each circumstance they wanted to harm him, make him afraid, or report evil against him. Basically, at the last minute these men saw the wall being completed and they were trying EVERYTHING in their power to stop it!  Sounds much like the enemy in our life!  Whether it is when we are weak or facing victory, he is "walking about like a roaring lion seeking those that he may devour"(1 Peter 5:8)  He wants us to be sidetracked from our calling as a woman to serve our homes, support our husband and train our children. 
  • Is there something specific this week that may be easily sidetracking you? Our study encouraged us to prayerfully commit it to the Lord.
The subject of rumors came up in our discussion too. Accusations made against us and how we respond to them. Which in turn took us to Proverbs 6:16-19, where we made a list of the seven things that God hates: 1. proud look 2. lying tongue 3. hand that shed innocent blood 4. heart that devises wicked 5. feet that swiftly run to evil 6. false witness 7. one who sows discord ....three of which deal with our tongue!

How did Nehemiah respond to the rumors against him? He prayed God would strengthen his hands (vs9)! Then prayed that God would not forget the evil they had done, leaving the vengeance in Gods hands (vs12).  "Once again Nehemiah took his hurt to God. No matter how strong you are, there will be times when the remarks and rumors generated by other will hurt you. When that happens, take the batter to God and ask HIm to intervene on your behalf. If you must mention it to someone, let it be someone you can trust to not repeat the matter, but simply agree to join you in praying about it. " Chapter 6, page 3 
  • What kind of opposition are you facing right now?
  • Will you allow God to strengthen you?
  • Will you stand firm in your own building process?
We covered the following verses on strength (which one stand out to you ??(just scroll over))
  • Psalm 27:14
  • Psalm 138:3
  • Isaiah 35:3-4
  • 2 Tim 4:17  (my favorite!)
He who is in you is greater than is who is in the world!  We can submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from us. Although we didn't make it to end of the study it closed with Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."

On a personally level,  I desperately pray for strength everyday! I am tempted often to say "I QUIT" and I do say it out loud too!  I fail miserable as a mother... Just ask my kids!  Dear Lord help me to bridle my own tongue!

During the week when I was studying this, I PRAISED THE LORD because there was an "situation" that arose on a Monday morning that could have thrown my entire day out of whack. It was dealing with hurtful rumors toward us.. and it started to eat me alive. BUT I was so happy to pray through it and let the Holy Spirit keep my focus on where it needed to be: my children and directing their day.  When we read the bible and meditate on God promises.. He will not let it return void! Amen!?

God has perfect timing...  our next study touches on our heritage in Christ, the power of the written word and fully surrendering to the season in which God has for us.

Blessing to you!


  1. Oh, thank you so much for sharing this post! Such rich and timely scripture for me right now(always!)!

    praying for you! xo

  2. Hannah, Thank you! Even though I don't comment on your Keep Running blog, I do read it often. I love making sure I have tidbit of God word throughout my day. Oh, how we NEED Him! Hope you have a good rest of the week!



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