Friday, February 11, 2011

Babies Don't Have Sockets

So, I learned last week, babies don't have sockets. You would think they did, but it is soft cartilage around the bone (like a snow cone of sort). 

Sean and I spent about 2 plus hours in the ER room with Hadassah. Elizabeth, bless her heart tried to roll her baby sister from her tummy to her back and Hadassah shoulder got "crunched".  So, Elizabeth reaction: pull it out for her. That is best way I can describe it... I was upstairs folding laundry with Sean.  I did not go running downstairs when I heard the cry because it sounded like she was just fussing. By now the kids can usually console her. Sean took more notice, I followed and scooped her immediately up off the floor.  Hadassah arm was hanging limp like a rag doll and I could not comfort her. She looked like she was about to pass out in my arms. Poor Baby! and Poor Big sister! (She was crying too!

My reaction: "we need to got to the hospital NOW... now.. (crying)..ect ect"  Praise the Lord we only live two blocks away! So, $100 copay, Dr bill, xray bill later... I learned my lesson!  I wish I would have just went and nursed her and put her to bed. Then googled "baby with limp arm.." But I am not beating myself up for it! It could have been worse. The doctor did offered to put her arm in a sling. We said "thanks, but no thanks". We had been there long enough! 

She was still not better when we got home and completely exhausted. The kids made her all kinds of get well cards. She smiled so big when she saw all her siblings (how precious!) Jason reminded me before bed "Mommy God can heal." I expected to see how well her arm did over the weekend, but by morning one would think NOTHING happened!  That quick.  All better.  Its amazing how God designed these little ones to heal so quickly! She was grabbing toys, rolling over, and being her giggly self :). I love you Hadassah Jean!



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