Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crochet Bag Lady

I started this bag last year when I was pregnant with Hadassah.  It was a great cheap way to practice my crocheting skills (please ignore its imperfection.. my crochet friends!). I picked it back up again when I made a Granny Square I didn't like. Thus, the flower on the front :) Then I added the handle to match.  It holds so much and is extremely light too!

I did a "lacy" crochet stitch which is similar to this, but I couldn't find the video. Interested in how to use plastic bags? Watch this gal here. It is not as quiet as regular crochet! :)  I also found this video about Plastic Bag Crochet project in Africa... their bags are amazing!

Can't wait to show you the banner I am working on for Hadassah's room :) Thank you Paisley Jane for inspiring me on this one!

For my next blanket

What hobbies do you have???

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