Monday, February 7, 2011

Homemade Laundry Detergent

My laundry detergent recipe got brought up at our Thanksgiving dinner and I have been meaning to get it posted! This recipe does NOT make a bunch of bubbles when the wash is filling, but it is still working! An easy and simple way to save money! (FYI: I don't use it for cloth diapers.)
Hot water
1 bar (4.5 oz) Ivory Soap – grated
1 cup Washing Soda
In a large saucepan add grated soap and enough hot water to cover. 
Heat over medium-low heat and stir until soap is melted.

Fill a large pail with 2.5 gallons of hot water, add hot soap mixture. 
Stir until well mixed.
Then add the washing soda, again stirring until well mixed

Set aside to cool.
Use 1/2 cup per full load, stirring well before each use (will gel)

Whaaa Laaaa!

Want to try a different recipe? See TIPNUT.


  1. Are you still using this recipe? If not, why not? If so, would you still recommend it?

  2. I am Jennifer :) I haven't had any problems with it. On heavier loads I use a cup of detergent, so it can go rather quickly, but reality it is SOOO simple to make. I use normal detergent or Rockin; Green for my cloth diapers. I love ways to be cheap! ;)



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