Sunday, February 20, 2011

It Sure Does Suck..

After almost 11 years of marriage and 3 (broken) vacuums, the Buckouts were ready to invest! We tend to be a little too thrifty and get cheap stuff. NOT THIS TIME. Last night was the "big" shopping date night for a glorious new vaccuum. (We needed a good one with 5 kids and 3 cats!) As a housewife it is always nice to have brand new items to clean with, agree?  So at Bed Bath and Beyond we were going to purchase this beauty for $399.00.  A quick trip to Home Depot, we found the same model for $360.00 with a 5 year guarantee.  Not to shabby....   B U T... read on...

My husband being the wonderful man he is convinced me to get this shop vac with a carpet attachment. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and we saved about $253!! It took a moment but I wanted to submit to his better judgement. 

When we got home it was a different story!!! Yes it worked very well, but I felt like I was cleaning out the van!!!  Ya see, you don't push this one back and forth... it is a "set- down- pull" motion. The baby needed fed, I was frustrated and let him take over!! My pride was hurt. I wanted something special and fun and he got it instead of me. He was cleaning everything with it. Ever crevice in the living room and wood floors! It was his new toy, not mine. BAA HUM BUG.  Well, I chilled out a bit.  He was willing to take it back. He was VERY sweet and precious. We made a deal: I would try it out downstairs and see if I liked it, if not we would get a real vacuum.  
Conclusion: I am a very frugal person. We are going to keep it. It gave me a slight kink in my side, but it does suck really good. Suctions ;)  We even let the kids try it out... they had fun.  I did let Sean know, if I am ever pregnant using this will be a chore... then again, everything is when you are pregnant! ;)



  1. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise with a new job for the hubby! :-)

  2. First, I love your title...too funny. Second, I have to confess that we have both...that same exact shop vac and this year we purchased a Dyson (found a "decent" online deal with free shipping). We've had the shop vac for a few years and it's great to clean indoor/outdoor spills and our vehicles. As for the floors, that could get old but I say, give it a try! The reason we ended up with the Dyson, especially since I tend to be frugal with things like that? As a mechanical engineer, Nate was infatuated with the design (ang I have to say, since he now does most of the vacuuming as a result, it was a GREAT purchase). :) Hope church was good today...we are all still sick in our household so had to stay home. :(



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