Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lets Be Real..

Lydia: "Umm??, Mom can you clean the kitchen? I don't like messy kitchens."

Mom:  "It is Elijah's turn to do the dishwasher... he will after the Baby wakes up."

Ha! LOVE IT.  Someday she will just walk in there and clean it herself. I will wait patiently.

So, here is a reality picture for you:
We often go to "The Bins" (A must read post!) and when we get home we look through all the "stuff" we found.  This day also included a trip to WalMart for bed lamps for the kids.  After all the excitement was over... this is what  my living room looked like!

Want to see inside The Bins? I snuck these pictures. Not sure if it is legal. We usually make a trip once a month. This trip only cost about $35.00. Which included Avent Sippies, baby spoons, outfits, clothes for the kids, Curious George floor puzzle, Eddie Baurer backpack for Elijah (his other one was ripping), toys (Elizabeth favorite a character from KungFu Panda), black yarn (yay!), those pony sticks (I can't remember what they are called!), Ropper Boots for Bee and other random items I am forgetting.

Mom being sneaky... these are junk bins..
Baby in Ergo with Daddy
Books anyone??
There are about 8 rows of clothes...
These people are waiting for a new "bin" watch out!
The Orange Vest guys are bringing them in...
Nice price... can't beat it.
Yes, we wash and scrub our hands afterwards!!!
We always end the evening with a trip to our favorite pizza place ...(Janet, I am going to send you more pictures for fun!).

Enjoy Jesus!!


  1. I LOVE your fireplace and cozy home!

  2. Thanks Jen.. Maybe I should send you a picture of it clean ;)!

  3. wow! those bins are crazy! how very cool you are near a bin spot!




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