Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mama's Mission: April

Mission NOT Accomplished YET
My mission for March was not completed YET.

I had hoped to finish the THREE books I am reading:
  • I put down Family Driven Faith for awhile because I own it and can come back to it. (In hopes to finish at least one of my books!)
  • The Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family is ALMOST DONE. It is due back at the library soon. It is great for homeschool and non homeschoolers. She has some good advice.
  • And finally Sean, picked up the Good Christian Good Husband and finished it in three days easily!!! This book is amazing and gives some insight and understanding of the marriages of John Wesley, George Whitfield & Jonathan Edwards.
Now how come I could not finish one of these, even with Spring Break?? I picked up another book that sucked me in:

I have no issues with any of these books and each are amazing in their own way!

My second mission for March was to preparing my homeschool the night before. I am still praying for motivation in this area. We got a new printer/copier which should help.
Mission of the Month

Ohhhh!!! What do for April :( ???? (((((deep breath))))))... Lets say finish at least one book above! And be mindful to stop and pray through out my day. (Even if this means hiding in my room for a few moments.) Not just be praying for myself, but my children and others around me. I need to not be slack in seeking the Lord.  Sean and I are really trusting the Lord right now and I want to always be in complete surrender to Gods plan.

So there we have it.. we shall see what the month may bring!


PS. Do you have a Monthly Mission??
and link up!


  1. I didn't finish my books on my list for March either. Like you, I got sucked into another (actually 4) books.

    I read somewhere that a mom would set a timer for an hour and every time the timer went off would stop and pray for a minute. I need to work on praying more as well. I think I might try this.

  2. oh to finish a book these days! i will try alongside you;)



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