Friday, May 13, 2011

Sunshine & Lydia: Things I'm Loving

I am so blessed to see Gods hand in my life with Sean. It is an adventure! As I have said before, He has had a purpose and reason for each move. This time we are heading to North Carolina!!! We are excited to slow down and let our children be our main "ministry", so to speak.  We will always have a heart individually and as a family to also share the gospel. We will have plenty of opportunity.... don't know a single person.. yet.

Thus, my days have been very busy with packing. This is our 14th move in 11years! I have learned to pace myself over the years because there is always something to be done (packing, cleaning, selling, ect. ect).  I saw my sweet Lydia was bored and needed some direction. She wanted to bake, but I saw a tired girl.  I asked her to come lay down on a blanket with me outside. A precious moment. I asked her what THE main thing she was excited about on our Road Trip. Her answer: swimming at the hotels. :) My sunshine and water baby. I love it. We started talking and before we knew it we were both asleep. ((((((deep breath)))))))) She is growing up, f a s t.

I of course, woke up before her and caught these pictures....

I love you Jesus! Thank you for these treasured moments. 
They give us such a small glimpse of heaven.


ps. My blogs will definitely be less this month, but I will keep you posted as much as possible!;) Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you!


  1. Sounds like a very exciting adventure ahead! xoxo

  2. Wow, you have such an amazing attitude! Great job. Happy moving!

  3. You and Sean are beautifully raising your children. And what a precious moment to enjoy with her. <3

  4. This was so sweet! She's such a beautiful young lady, growing up!

    Jessica B



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