Friday, May 6, 2011

Winds of Change

"The Lord hath prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom ruleth over all."  Psalm 103:19

You all know how much I love my Streams in the Desert devotional.... I have been reading it along side my bible for years now. Sean actually found it at a thrift store when we were "young married" and my attitude was.. "I can't read an OLD book like that!" (It is an beautiful original copy) I thought the language would be over my head. Anyways... it was not.

A caption from May 2nd: "Some time since, in early spring, I was going out at my door when a round the corner came a blast of east wind---defiant and pitiless, fierce and withering-- sending a cloud of dust before it. I was just taking the latchkey from the door as I said, half impatiently ' I wish the wind would--I was going to say change; but the word was checked and the sentence was never finished."

The devotional goes on to share a parable about the south wind and one seeing the effects if it was to be gone.

Do you have "winds" in your life? Circumstances that come with a sudden blow to your face? Maybe they are actually word from someone else.  Tornados of sort that shake your reality. God has been teaching me much on the subject of submitting to HIS WILL and not my own. Christ had to embrace the cross. I want to embrace suffering, change, "winds" : not resist them and be angry with God.

One for instance is MOVING. I have said forever "I will raise my children in one place I am NOT moving anymore."  But who I am to plan their future? I am God? What if He has bigger plans and things HE wants to teach them. Would I try to hinder it? NEVER!  I want to lead my children to Christ. I want them to see I am submitted to Him. I want them to see that YES I can get frustrated and don't understand at circumstances. BUT I also want them to see me smiling at the future and embrace the unknowns with joy!!! I want them to see Mama trusting, loving and praising Jesus. It is my job.

I want them to see Mama SMILING AT THE FUTURE!  Today I am.

We will keep you posted;)

Let us not forget to pray for those and family members that have truly had their lives effected by wind: About 350 people were killed last week by tornadoes and flooding in the southern United States. More than 230 people died in Alabama alone.

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  1. thanks for this-love all you share!!
    streams in the desert is a favorite!! today's was so needed for me.
    praying for the disaster-ridden south. i spent 3 years of my life in florida and 17 in mississippi. this storm season was always a frightening time.



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