Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Happy Spot: The Atlantic Coast

My favorite thing (so far) about moving to North Carolina (aka "the NC): I am in love with the beach! Our town doesn't have much ocean front to speak of, just gigantic rivers.  Atlantic Beach on the other hand is only about a 40 minute drive! We went last Friday night at 5pm and went back again Sunday after church. Both times it was in the evening and the water was splendidly warm.  Which NEVER happens in Oregon.  It was like being in Hawaii with our entire family! I don't have pictures, but when we went on Sunday we bought two really nice boogie boards on the way.  Those were a hoot! 

Driving over the bridge to the sandbar!!!

Whoo hoo!

Baby was cozy and even took a nap.

Love Jason in this picture. Hadassah looks quite serious.

She had her Wonder Woman suit on!

Dad and kiddos. He went diving in shortly after!

Hadassah's first time touching sand.

Hunting for little clams. They are fun to watch dig themselves back down. ;)

One last dip before we left.

My babies!

Little girl just waking up!


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