Saturday, August 6, 2011

Green Springs

Here is a fun swimming spot our family found via word of mouth call Green Springs. You won't find this one in any rec or city magazines. There are very little fun places to swim in our town, which is sad because it is on a huge river that connects with the Atlantic Ocean.

This spot was created by a man (who still lives on the property). He wanted to create a free place for kids to hang out in the heat and swim. He built the ENTIRE thing himself! His rule are as posted :)
Our kids were amazed how far you could walk out and not have it go above their waist. It only took a few times and encouragement from dad to get them to start jumping without help :)

Believe it or not, when we went a few weeks ago most of the kids got stung by little jellyfishes! They were every where in the water. The kids handle it so well!! No tears.. just "ouch.. i think I got stung mom"... As I see little red lines on them! Lets, just say our evening didn't last as long that night. FYI: Hadassah and I don't get in the water. We watch from the docks or on a blanket in the grass. She is content playing with the melting ice in the cooler. he he. She is not walking yet, so I have it pretty easy!

We haven't went for a couple of weeks, so we might be heading over there soon.  Our AC went out again (due to a thunderstorm) but Praise the Lord for our window unit in emergencies!

Again, I am slowly starting to love the south because of places like these.. MINUS the humidity. I long to breathe fresh cool air outside again;)

Check out Sean in this video (Just kidding!) But it does show you how high up you can jump.

This is the spot he did jump from!

This Mama won't be doing any jumpin' for sure! Have nice weekend my dear friends!

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