Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene!!!

I am not sure what to write but to just ask for your prayers. Here is a copy of my recent Facebook updates. We are located only 30 minutes from Morehead City. The exact spot they are predicting it to hit. Either way we are going to get some intense weather! I am also praying the home we are in the middle of purchasing will not be torn apart or severely damaged. It is even closer than us to the beach, but in a more open area.

Thank you for your prayers and love!

  • There is a hurricane a comin'.... uhhhh oooo.
    Monday at 4:43pm · Privacy: ·  · 

      • JuRita Buckout its suppose to hit the carolinas at full force. you bet I am watching this one close!
        Monday at 4:46pm · 

      • Debie Hood Gosh! Keep us posted!!
        Monday at 4:52pm · 

      • Thaisha Venard ‎!!!! Praying for your safety!!
        Monday at 5:12pm · 

      • Cindy Holguin-Frere May God keep you guys safe!
        Monday at 11:41pm · 
  • we have an exciting week ahead... i would be lying if i said i wasn't nervous.

    Tuesday at 12:53pm · Privacy: ·  ·  · 

      • Rebekah Soriano Us too! We might be heading North to Gma's if its going to be a direct hit.
        Tuesday at 12:57pm · 

      • JuRita Buckout it is saying it is going to hit us head on... we are going to stay put. our neighbors have for 30 years. we are about 40 minutes from the coast, but we do have some massive pine trees I am worried about. we will have to move the van so it doesn't get plowed by one! aaaahhh! have you ever been through one?
        Tuesday at 12:59pm · 

      • Claudine Harrington Please be safe JuRita....should you board your windows? Do you have flash lights? Have you stocked up on food and water?
        Tuesday at 1:24pm · 

      • Rebekah Soriano when I was younger, yes. As an adult living in my own house, no. We also lived in Central Florida growing up not 3 miles from the coast as we are now. If its going to hit head on we're boarding up our windows and heading out. My aunt advised its very scarey for children :( My dad lives about 40 mins from you and has been through them there in that area. He said just watch for flooding. Praying for you! OH Yes, get a hurricane check list offline and stock up. Mostly water, batteries, non perishable foods, diapers wipes, medicines, cash, fuel, when its about to hit, fill your tubs and sinks with water. Have a battery powered radio and weather radio.
        Tuesday at 1:51pm · 

      • JuRita Buckout I don't think we will board the windows. But in a few days (like everyone else) will stock up. I am concerned about the electricity going out because the humidity is a killer. I have to buy batteries for flashlight and we keep battery operated noise makers in the the kids room so they can sleep. Thank you for reminded me about water. Ya just never know. I will keep you posted. I am blessed by your concern! :)
        Tuesday at 2:15pm · 

      • JuRita Buckout Thank you Bekah. My mind is racing! One can never be to prepared. Never heard of the bathroom thing.. lets skype soon!
        Tuesday at 2:19pm · 

      • Rebekah Soriano Did you get my message? John didn't get home till almost 830 last we skipped using the computer last night. We can try again tonight.
        I hadn't heard of the bathroom thing either until I called my aunt after this turned into a hurricane. She said because the water in the bath tub and sink can be used for washing dishes, flushing toliets, etc if the power goes out. She said at least 1 gallon per person per day of expected power outage for bottled water supply.
        Back in 99-00 when this area got hit by 4 hurricanes their power was out for almost 2 weeks. :( I'm not sure about your area since you're more inland. I guess just ask around to the neighbors.

        Tuesday at 2:28pm · 

      • Kelly Greer I can't imagine - I'm also worried about my sis in FL. I will be praying for you guys and keeping watch here at home.
        Tuesday at 3:32pm · 

      • Rebekah Soriano it now looks like its gonna stay off shore.
        Tuesday at 3:32pm ·  ·  1 person

      • Jodi Wagner Praying!
        Tuesday at 4:44pm · 

      • MonicaandDuane Shaw Praying for you guys.
        Tuesday at 7:18pm · 

      • Cindy Holguin-Frere Praying for you and your family...
        Tuesday at 7:54pm · 

      • Janet Hardwick The Hardwick Hotel is always open:-)
        Yesterday at 9:43am · 

      • JuRita Buckout Believe me we did consider Janet! The new report says it is going to hit the outer banks (about an hour from here), so we are going to hunker down. I know we will see lots of rain and strong winds. I am happy it is going to start in the afternoon and not the middle of the night :) thank you all for praying! I did my shopping today and got gas for the van. I still need to get a few things, but I am feeling a little better about the entire event... It is kind of erie just waiting for it. He is in control of every wind!
        23 hours ago · 

          • Diana Nixon Will be praying your for family.
            5 minutes ago · 

When He utters His voice,
There is a multitude of waters in the heavens:

“ And He causes the vapors to ascend from the ends of the earth.
He makes lightning for the rain,
He brings the wind out of His treasuries.”
Jeremiah 10:13


  1. Oh JuRita! We are praying. We love you guys. I just watched a few news videos from New Bern... waiting to reading your FB or blog updates. <3 <3 <3



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