Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mama's Mission: August

Mission of the Month

I felt like it took a mission just to get on here and write this blog! But here I am, ready to set some goals for August.

For July my Mission was:
  • get a good two months in before our family visits at the end of August.
  • trying to organize and throw out any Homeschool Books I don't need anymore.
  • Mission to find two small bookshelf/ dressers. (Lord willing! I have been scanning Garage Sales and Thrift Stores) I need them for organizing library books and supplies.
I am happy to report: 

Mission Accomplished
  • I have still have to get through August with homeschool and maybe September. We plan on schooling till family visits. Come soon Wendi!
  • I did get rid of more books and it felt great. Even had a small garage sale. The girls made more money on their cookies than I did;).. but hey, it got us to purge the rest.
  • And I found a side table at Goodwill for pens, color crayons, markers and homework the kids need in their reach. It was only $10.

Mission of the Month
Now WHAT DO I DO FOR AUGUST? Do you ever feel like their is so much to be done? I am so  
t i r e d. Where should I start... since I am in the mood to use these fun bullets, why not more? he he. 
My August Missions:
  • My midwife wants me to eat more protein. I will try to have eggs more at breakfast this month and maybe attend one of her yoga classes;)
  • I am hoping to find a read through the bible chart for Elijah and Lydia. Today I was so aware how we have let this slip from our current routine.
  • Thus, I want to read to all the kids more. Read the bible and fiction books. We check out so many library books I have plenty to read to them!
  • Lastly, I get to do a movie review and it needs to be posted by August 8th! Check back!
So here I go.. Lets see how I do!

Mama Jenn
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It is so helpful to set goals even if they are small. :)

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  1. Good for you for accomplishing all your July goals in the midst of all that you have had going on! :-)



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