Friday, August 19, 2011

My Real Homeschool Schedule

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So last month a posted a Schedule for my Homeschool. I want to be honest and real. Below is what became of it one month later. And yes, I did confess (out loud) a few times "I quit. I can't do this.." All homeschool mothers come to this breaking point every year. Some more than others. I am on the "more" side;) Here is a quote from the book, A Mom Like You; Vickie shares how God spoke to her with the scripture she had posted in her living room.

"times of testing will be when the storms come: days when we are way off schedule, the kids are fighting, the phone is ringing off the hook and nothing seems to be going as I want it to.  One particularly 'stormy' school day, I was frazzled to the point of explosion... I remember walking into the living room and just standing there looking at that picture, praying for God to give me the strength to keep going. I knew He wanted me to be home schooling my children, but I just needed 
the reminder that He would enable me to carry out His will."

Every year for me has new lessons (spiritually/emotionally/academically) and new seasons (different grades/personalities/ages). I do what I can with the teachable moments and pray God uses it to the fullest!

"Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit", says the Lord of Hosts. Zechariah 4:6

Here is the REAL schedule (Mon-Thurs) thus far in red.. but it will change again. I promise.

Breakfast Read bible to Hadassah in Highchair :)
Morning Routing
Morning Chore 
Quiet Bible Time/ Bible Truths  Kids do in the Afternoon (if done at all!)
Mom reads to Jason and Elizabeth  Reading the Bible to Everyone and pray
Morning walk with everyone (It has happened 2 times.. but hey! its happend! We like to pick up trash when we walk to the park.)

Jason-100 Easy Lessons, ABC, Numbers/Math with Mom (Jason has actually been doing more with Lydia and just reading with me.)
Elizabeth- Handwriting Math and Reading with Mom
Little Pilgrims History with Jason and Elizabeth   History at Lunch we everyone Story of the World Cir.
Elijah and Lydia- independent work: spelling, reading, phonics, grammar, cursive Not everyday do they get to all of this!
Elijah or Lydia makes snack at 10am and helps with lunch At least I know I can ask them now. I have done it a handful of times. :)

After lunch
Afternoon Chore and Laundry Laundry immediately after lunch works good for us. If I can get them to pick up before Dad comes home we are doing good.

E and L: Math   They tend to finish this with their other quiet work
E and L: writing Lesson with Mom Usually watch a movie, Fetch or Electric Co so I can rest. Or they go swimming.
Everyone: English Lesson, Story of the World History  See above
Mom checks Math corrections I am always correcting the next day!

Baby naps
mom walks only did once, maybe more in the Fall

Dinner Prep

family time with Dad

Be encouraged, :)


  1. I had to smile when I read your schedule with all of the cross outs. Seems I am having quite a few of those days as well. But isn't that the beauty of homeschooling? The schedule is our tool, not our master! Thanks for sharing and letting this momma know she is not alone!

  2. Hi Ju Rita,
    I just found your blog (while looking for decoupaged or distressed ideas for furniture!). I have read a few posts (before I get back to doing homework...), and I am looking forward to following your family in the days ahead! I am a homeschool graduate (youngest of 4, the only one homeschooled, 4th-12th grade), currently a senior in college, and recently married. I am looking forward to becoming a mom and homeschooling a full quiver, so I'm sure I will learn a lot from your experiences and the things you post. No pressure. ;) I love how you have Scripture all over the website; I find this incredibly encouraging and uplifting as well. :)
    (P.S. What I learned through homeschooling: Sometimes having /any/ schedule is better than no schedule, even if the tasks aren't always accomplished in that order, or at all!)



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