Friday, September 30, 2011

Missed You! :(

Oh, I realized how I missed my hobby of blogging and reading blogs of my dear friends!!! I am happy to report we finally have the internet. I guess we live "out in the sticks" and because our home is on a new street, those companies who rely on Google Maps had a very hard time wanting to give us service.

Thank you for those who have been praying for us. We realized that good friendships are few and miles can separate the best of friends. :( (Even with texting, email, and Facebook.) We are excited to possibly try out a home group next week at our new church, One Harbor. The teaching itself has been awesome and refreshing. The Lord will give a fellowship in His time.

Speaking of fellowship!  My sister (and 4 of her 5 kiddos) came a few hours after I unpacked my last box. It has been a whirlwind of a week, but I am blessed beyond measure to have them visit. It was a joy to see everyone enjoying the company... even though it rained half the time and we were hunkered down in our small home. :-) BIG BUMMER.

My giveaway went good. Congrats to Jennifer (comment #1) who won the Jeremy Riddle's new cd! I was suppose to do another review on Carlito C. Caterpiller's MathHouse Game cards, but missed the deadline because of our internet issues. If you are a mom with a PreK toddler PLEASE be sure to check them out!

So, being without internet connection has made me realize the importance of prioritizing my time once again. One CAN live without a computer. ..(although I must say looking for phone numbers and paying bills it comes in REALLY handy!)

Glad to be back.
Glad to catch up on your blogs.
I miss you Oregon friends.
Miss you family.

Peace and Love,

Here are some quick photos from our past couple of weeks! ox

signing the stack of papers.

Hadassah unpacking for me.

Cousin Levi giving Jason golf lessons :) He gave him his old clubs.

Everyone playing on the Carolina Coast.. we manage one trip despite of the weather.

Baby's pass time: playing with Chloe's camera!

Here they are!!!

Sean said "you are both aging gracefully". Hey, I'll take it.  Love you Wendi!


  1. Random comments here...LOL

    1) You and your sister look SOOOOO much alike!
    2) The guy you were signing the docs with kinda reminded me of Dave Ramsey!
    3) We got the Carlito game and the little guys are doing one of the activities at this very moment. So, I gotta head back over to help them! Lots of hands-on learning fun!
    4) Glad you all are getting settled in and now have internet!! ;-)

  2. I have been missing your blogs! Agreed with Jen - you and Wendi look SOO much alike! So sweet all the cousins playing together. I'm so thankful for that special visit you could have!!



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