Monday, September 12, 2011

My 31st Move.

A common photo :) Notice the candy boxes.. from Dads Vending Route!

The time has come for yet another move. My husband and I are "purchasing" a home today and pray it is a monumental moment to plant our roots deep in the ground. Here is how I got the number 31:

16 moves as a child + 15 moves in the 11 years I have been married
 = 31 moves in my almost 32 years of life.

I have no bitterness or regret to as why these moves happened. Many times I have cried out to God with angry, grief and sadness at circumstances and questioned why. 
holds me
carries me
reminds me
teaches me to surrender to His will and not my own.

I especially grieve for my children, but they have seen the faith of their parents and KNOW God is with us.  Little Jason only 5 years, has moved 5 times himself. I praise God his first 3 1/2 years were in the same home.

So today we seek to "settle" but I fully surrender knowing this world is a temporary place. The Buckout Family longs for heaven were we will be in complete rest! But we praise and thank the Lord for such home to raise our children, have a garden, plant some trees, and serve our Lord together!  We are even going to be attending a new church this Sunday, where I hope (in time) we can have fellowship with other believers. 

I praise you dear Lord for always providing for us! Never leaving us without hope. YOU ALONE are our stability. I pray this home is a place we can raise our children, bring you glory, and share the gospel with those we meet. Every gift is from You! Amen.

Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying their mattresses on the floor. It adds an entire new element of fun play. Circus parties, dance routines, you name it! Here they are resting before bedtime :-)

Thank you for your prayers! We will be "offline" for possibly the rest of the week. 


  1. My heart is with you and truly understands how it feels to move a lot. I'm praying for you and your family to feel settled soon...and thankful for your faith through it all. xo

  2. have mercy.
    praying all goes smoothly! what an(other) exciting time!! xox



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