Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sibling Love

Jason playing choo choo with sister.

Word cannot express the joy I find in seeing my children love on their baby sister. God has used her life in so many ways and she is only 14 months! For four years having another child was a ridiculous notion.  Following my own wisdom, our entire family would have missed her little smile, laughter and love. (((Deep Breath))) Thank you Lord.

More often and not, the girls race into Hadassah's room when they hear her waking up from a nap. When I do make it back before them, all the kids come running. Then follows "yay! Hadassah! Hadassah!" with jumping, clapping and dancing. This little girl is going to have a complex!

Lydia is always holding her sister. :) I realized when looking for pictures for this blog, I need to get more pictures with Hadassah and the other kids. They all love teaching, talking and playing with her daily.

With Jason, I do have to tell him to be gentle. Especially when he is trying to "knight" her with his sword. I was so blessed to see Hadassah rubbing his mohawk during a video the other day!

Elizabeth is constantly is giving her hugs and doing her best to take her places. I am shocked her little arms can carry her!  Hadassah just recently started saying Elijah's name too. She gets really excited and bashful at the same time with him. So cute.

I only wish I had a way of recording all their interaction. Those who think we are "not normal" or "crazy" for having more kids do not get to be in home and relish these moments like we do! Yesterday over the phone, I had a lady from a Dr's office ask me a bunch of health questions. I thankfully said "no" to all of them. She responded (I am positive with a smile) , "So you are telling me your completely normal except for the fact you have 5 kids??!.. ha ha!" I think I laughed with her, but at the same time didn't know what to think. Its normal to me! Maybe not in the United States...  Anyways, that was a side note!

I treasure all my babies! I smile to think of them getting to meet a new little friend in February. How fun it is to see how number six will fit in the bunch. Jason already said he will be the first to hold the baby. Elizabeth made sure I know that "since Lydia takes care of Hadassah all the time, she will get to take care new baby". ;) Lord give me wisdom to teach them our to "share" their new brother or sister!

Enjoy your kids today, encourage them in Sibling Love! Whether you have one or twenty! Blessings!

playing tag with Hadassah at the river front

big sisters teaching her how to color!

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