Monday, October 3, 2011

20 Weeks! Half Way There

This pregnancy is cruising along. I have an ultra sound on Friday and will reveal whether it will be a boy or girl. This time YES! we chose as a family to find out and the kids are thrilled. Girls may rule the house or it will be even steven with a boy... we'll see!

Sean got a new lawn mower this week and started the long awaited work on our "property".  For fun we let the kids roam on the other lots for sale too. Dad even made some trails through the tall grass for the kids to run through. Fox holes (the kids dig), stick piles, and now clay bricks are already in the process. My kids love the outdoors and I love letting their creative minds flourish.  We might even have a bonfire tonight and roast marshmallows;) (But don't let me fool you.. this day was far from perfect. We worked on getting a few chores done today and it took 2 hours! I was ready to quit and send them to school... can I say that??deep breath.)

Well, slowly but surely this is feeling more like home.
I still can't believe we'll have another life joining us in 20 weeks!

Daddy and his baby girl

Our property and then some

My Babies

Exploring with Dad along the homemade trail

You want fire ants?? We have them everywhere!!! Someone gets bit at least once a week.

My two youngest babies :)


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  1. It looks so fun...but I remember those mean ol' fire ants in florida...awful! glad to see that everyone is settling excited to find out about your newest addition!

  2. You look amazing J! Glad to hear everyone is settling in. Our babies will be about 4 months apart :)



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