Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Mary's Peak Corvallis, OR

It has officially hit me. I am trying my best not to speak of the subject too much (especially around the kids).  Fall is my favorite time of year. I remember last year running downtown to meet my family at the library, breathing in the cold wet air, and admiring all the beautiful trees. Oh all the familiars. Library... Beanery... Parks.... Grandparents...(((((Deep Breath))))) Hold back the tears JuRita.

The emotions of yet another life change have caught up with me and I have to verbally tell my self to keep my eyes on the Lord. Every day. Today it rained which helped.

For the past two weeks it has been warm here in North Carolina (average 80 degrees), but the mosquitos are overly vicious. When walking to the van  (no running I should say!) they swarm by everyones face like crazy. Then, before we pull away we kill any that managed to get inside. I have felt trapped indoors all while living on an acre..... IN OCTOBER! ERG.

Last night we tried to fog our deck, put on spray, and lite a Citronella candle. It was a beautiful 10 minutes with Sean and Lydia.  I got bit about 5 times. What in the world do they do in Africa??? I am sure they don't complain.

I guess since we moved to NC they have had worst heat and hurricane. Our family is praying for the worst winter yet. If not, we still have plans to visit my family in Chicago for some "cold" weather.

Can I have one last complaint? We don't live in the most "family" friendly community. Most events are geared to the elderly or retired folk. Drive about two hours we could find all kinds of museums, farms, zoos, ect.  They do have an aquarium here.. we are saving that for Elizabeths bday.

So, I am trying. I am doing the best I can to make things fun for the kids. They are at a house church tonight while I am at home with baby. Praise the Lord they are meeting new friends. Praise the Lord He is putting more of a yearning in me for heaven! I am learning to be content no matter what "state" I am in...

It may take a couple of years for this to feel like home, but I know someday it will. Good news, we are getting 25 chicken next month. Yes, my husband ordered them and 5 are meat chickens. :-/  And hopefully this winter we are going to get my sisters dog Bekah. The Buckout's little farm.

Thanks for listening. I knew I needed it off my chest.

Enjoy all the cool air, warm coffee, and beautiful trees for me. PLEASE!


pictures from years past..


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