Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trusting in the Kitchen

About two years ago, I started to realized I needed to let my daughters learn on their own in the kitchen (Read this blog here). At times I bake with both my girls, other times I let them do it on their own. It has paid off-- the family enjoys all the goodies! See some of Lydia's recipes here and here. :)

Monday afternoon she set off to make me a birthday cake. She asked that I frost it and when doing so I noticed it was a little flat.

 "Lydia, did you put baking powder in the cake?"
 "Uhhh.. No Mom."
We both smiled.

None the less, it tasted yummy and dense. ;)

Dad snapped this shot on his phone real quick during the baking process.

Here is the final product. I had a wonderful 32nd birthday!
Thank you friends for all the birthday love.

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