Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bonfires at the Buckouts

These pictures are from last week, but tonight our bonfire looked very similar! It was gigantic.
Out here as "country folk" we take our trash to the dump (purchase $2.50 stickers for every 30 gal).
Then the City will come and get our recycling and ANYTHING burnable we burn!
We keep her a safe distance away!
Whenever Sean starts the fire I always think of the movie see below!

precious forever moments..

 she looks so much like my baby pictures!
Wish I had video of the kids jumping on the trampoline. They love jumping in the glow of the fire. Tonight's games included a flashlight while jumping which made things even more crazy!! :)
Here is a quick video of the kids dancing around..

Ok, I am done. It is chill time. Hope you all had a relaxing weekend! ox


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