Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life Update.

Well, if you are one of my Facebook friends you might have read my recent post... and if not here ya go:

"please pray God would provide a job for Sean. we are being stretched. his current position went to commission (which has no base pay.. a "minor" detail they didn't tell us before we moved here!!.. long story) we can not make it on commission pay. we are open Lord! please friends if you have any connections.. let us know. holding on to Jesus."

I am letting the curser blink for a moment because I am not sure what to say.

Life is full of surprises for our family.  As much as Sean and I try to "plan" our future we never can. My first reaction (in my mind) to his drop in income was "ahh! I would NOT have moved out here if  I knew my husband would be getting paid slightly above NC minimage wage!!" We truly had Gods perfect peace. We knew "the cloud was moving" to North Carolina and He was leading.

To drive thousand of miles with our children was an amazing experience. Our desire was to  s l o w n  d o w n. Praise the Lord we have! Also, we were blessed to mortgage a new home because he did have his current job. The loan was able to process only because he had worked for the same vending company before becoming a pastor. (We needed at least two years of current employment.)

So what is next for our family?
Let me just copy and paste what google had to say....
(just kidding.)

Simply it is
and can I ask you to pray?

Sean is looking for a new job. He is also considering going to school as an Apprenticeship Lineman. This way (if excepted to the school) he can be earning money and becoming trained at the same time. Yet, this still includes finding a job before apprentice applications start in January.

Of course this may include moving. 
As a wife this is where I surrender to Jesus. 
I trust my husband. I trust he is a man of God. I will support him wherever God leads.

If we do move, our home will become a rental and well.. honestly...  VERY LITTLE will come with us. Am I sad? At first I was, but I know where ever we end up, our eternity will be in heaven. ;)  Praise God our children are little adventurers themselves! I cannot thank you enough for praying.

To Be Continued...

And she smiles at the future.. Prov 31:25


  1. Oh, JuRita, this is the first that I heard. I will definitely be praying. You are a much more flexible person than I. And I know God is blessing you in your flexibility. Lord, provide for the Buckouts in EVERY way! May He give you peace in the storm! Amen!


  2. Your children will rise up and call you blessed. We will be praying for you all!

  3. Oh, JuRita, JuRita. I want to make a sad face about the job thing, but a happy face at your faith and trust in Jesus. We'll be praying. I think God knows His glory is safe with you Buckouts, and that's why He can allow something like this to happen.... right before He opens a door elsewhere. Love you!

  4. JuRita, we will FOR SURE be praying for you, Sean, and the kids!!!

  5. Dear Lord, Your ways are so high, give the precious Buckouts eagles wings to catch a glimpse of Your most wonderful purpose in this here and now. Be their Everlasting Arms underneath it all. You are good. Amen. We are joining with you in journeys, faith, and prayer!



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