Monday, November 28, 2011

One More Post

Thought I would get one more post up before then end of the month. Blogging has been on the back burner for me as of late.

Most of time has been spent purging, putting items up for sale, and job searching for my husband. All with much prayer and supplication. Yes, the cloud is moving again and we will follow where it leads. More to come later... ;-)

We did however have a splendid Thanksgiving! It was the first in 4 years with just our kids. Praise the Lord for skype so we felt connected to family. Sean took the kids for a walk while I finished prepping the turkey and after dinner we watched Evan Almighty. Toward the end of the movie I ended up on the floor playing Legos with Hadassah. It was fun and relaxing.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hadassah's first pony! At least we tried. :)
Walking with big brother. At the end of this road was an old cemetery.

Part of the walk with dad was picking soy beans. They came home and shelled them all. The next day I joined them for the same walk. 
On a more recent note-- Sunday afternoon we had a news reporter come and interview Elijah for his recent contest win. See the news video here! He has been pretty stoked about his "runner up" prize (click to see!). He waited so long to see if he was a winner. He really gave it to the Lord and was such an example to us. It was a week past the announcement date and I got a the voicemail. He was at work with Dad... it was so exciting to call and share the BIG NEWS! He said it made knots in his stomach. :-)

(Which is another event this month. The kids all got to experience a little work day with dad. It was strange every day to have one missing! Talk about different dynamics.)
Jay all set to go!
And I am officially 28 weeks today!!! Baby Mordecai is getting BIG. Elizabeth was 9lb 9oz and I have a feeling he will be going for the record. Praise the Lord, I am still able to sleep lying down and I thank Jesus every night I am able. From about this point on, there is much surrendering and it becomes an uphill battle. He is my strength! What a reward I get at the end!

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By His Grace and much love to you all!


  1. Ju-Rita! I love you! What an amazing blessing your friendship has been to me all these years...even far away. I hope that we can live near each other again one day. I now our kiddos would have a blast together! Praying for you all! xo

  2. thank you for your love jen! hugs!



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